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  1. I really hope that it isn't in first person.
  2. It's been a long while since I've played, but I may be back sooner than later. EVE is a game of political intrigue and the quest for power. It's only about grinding and mining if you make it that way.
  3. I quit WoW a very long time ago, but I still enjoy popping in the soundtrack and giving it a whirl. You can definitely recognize the Stormwind theme in this, but personally it doesn't seem nearly as powerful without the choir bit. The Guild Wars half sounds very nice, but I'm not as familiar with it these days as I would like to be.
  4. I hope you don't mind it being a bit on the abstract side. I may change the text so that it doesn't jump around quite so much. If it bothers you please let me know. (Imageshack is being a little stubborn, so it may take some time to load.) I captured it from an applet from this site.
  5. Making the picture bigger results in some nasty looking distortion, so you're stuck with it at that size. Personally, I think it's fine the way it is. Most people don't like them being so big as to be intrusive and distracting. There's an animated gif of what you're looking for in Unmod as well as several other places on the web.
  6. Could you give a little bit more info on what you'd like as far as content goes? Providing pictures or ideas would be a great help.
  7. This song oozes "awesome" by the bucketful. Excellent work as per usual. (I wasn't trying to rhyme, I swear.)
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