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  1. Audio-Technica ATH-M50's are amazing, and you can snag them online for about $100. Seriously, investigate these guys. Senn ain't got nothin'.
  2. I just got FL Studio 8 XXL Producer Super High Def Will Cook For You Edition. What free soundpacks/kits/instrument simulators would you guys suggest, and where can I get them? Thanks! EDIT: Just found out that SoundFonts are instruments, not packs/kits. SO YEAAAAAAAAAAH! Any torrents of good soundfonts that you guys would recommend?
  3. Hey, I recently started to get into music more seriously after about a 2 year hiatus, and I was wondering if there are any mixers or musicians in Colorado, particularly the Denver area. I'm really enjoying the acoustic guitar I received in November, but I'm looking to actually grow as a musician, and figure the best way to do it is to meet up with other musicians and learn from them. I'm not all that experienced with guitar, however. Anyone in the area?