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  1. Well let's see. Over the head would be most preferable, and the look doesn't matter. Looks =/= Sound Quality. The headphones would be primarily used with my iPod Touch, and through FL Studio. FL Studio for me is mere toying, so flat response kinds of headphones isn't exactly what I'm looking for. Genres are very wide. Industrial Rock (Nine Inch Nails primarily) will be my focus. I wouldn't mind opened or closed. Preventing sound leak is not an issue. As far as bass goes, I'm not an uber basshead, but I wouldn't want weak, saturated bass. A middling, tight bass would be good. I do want a quality sound stage. I wanted to avoid amping, but now I see that amps can be a major aid in the quality of sound. So amps can go either way, depending on the total cost of everything. I've found AT, Senheisser, and Sony to be frequently mentioned in this price range. I haven't investigated any Grados.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions Shadowe! I ran across the 555s yesterday, but had trouble finding in-depth reviews and comparisons. Do you have a preference given those and the ATH-AD700s? I'm looking for the best sound I can get for the money. It's also worth mentioning that the headphones I purchase will mainly be used with an iPod, so they'll need to be able to manage power well without needing an amp of some sort. [edit] One other thing: bass may actually be a beneficial factor as the music I will primarily listen to is artists such as Nine Inch Nails. If you've listened to them, you would know that powerful sound is a must. So I'm also very alright with closed headphones. It's really a toss-up. I just want accommodating amounts of bass with clean sound, not extremely hyped sound.
  3. I started a thread earlier about headphones, but to keep everything under the same roof; I'll continue here. I narrowed my search down to: - Sony MDR-7506 - Sennheiser HD-280 Right now, based on many reviews, I'm liking the Sony pair better. Both of these closed-ear style headphones, made in order to prevent noise leakage. I read that OpenAire style headphones are supposed to allow for better quality, and preventing noise leakage isn't a major issue for me. So I'm wondering if there are any open-style headphones available in the $100 price range that would be a better option. Ideas?
  4. Amazon has them listed for about $85. Nice.
  5. For the longest time, I've been listening to audio through cheap earbuds. The irony is that I keep an extensive lossless collection of music and use Apple's lossless codecs for music on my iPod. Sound card aside (as these would be more used with an iPod), does anyone have any recommendations for an affordable, but high quality pair of headphones? While I don't expect to get studio producer quality for my money, I hope to get some pretty close. Unfortunately, I'm not extremely familiar with technical details on audio playback devices, nor am I familiar with the price ranges on quality headphones. I'm hoping someone with previous experience could help out. Any suggestions or information is great. Thanks in advance, Uber Another note: I'm a pretty heavy listener (quite a music junkie), so durability is a valued characteristic.
  6. I actually logged in just to make a comment on what you've done here. I must confess, I really like what you've done with the Tikal theme. It was always one of my favorite themes in Sonic Adventure. I'm definitely loving the vocal portion of this song. Anyways, keep up the work on this remix. If anyone's enjoying it, it's me.