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  1. I don't think I've said it already, but this mix is utterly godlike. I prefer the original edit but this is good too. Two thumbs way up high.
  2. This track literally made my jaw drop. The guitar playing is just awesome and I don't care how technically "imperfect" djpretzel's voice is - the singing sounds like a perfect cross between Jim Croce and Tom Petty with some James Taylor thrown in. The source track is one of my all-time favorites and if I HAD to pick out something to complain about it would be that I have trouble picking out the original melody in the vocals. But quite honestly I don't care. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with this mix.
  3. I made a clean version of this track with CoolEdit so I could listen to it more often. Great arrangement and no I don't particularly appreciate profanity but the lyrics are very creative and fun to listen to.
  4. I've heard the Spice Opera soundtrack. It's crap and not nearly as pleasing to listen to as the original "cheap MIDI" versions. This remix, on the other hand, is very nice and has the spirit of the original imo.
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