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  1. ocarina boogie maybe? It's an old remix, and it was removed from here because it wasn't a real 'remix' according to this site's definition. google it up and you should find some places to download it. heh, i already found one place http://ftp.3ddownloads.com/zeldadungeon/Overclocked/Zelda_64_Ocarina_Boogie_OC_ReMix.mp3
  2. Great game indeed. I've been playing since Dawn of War come out. If you notice, my screenname here sindri is the name of the Chaos sorcerer in Dawn of War campaign. Cadmus, I myself build the tau barracks first, and tried to defend against initial rushes with Tau Commander's snare traps and a squad or two of fire warriors. Keep them alive, and save up for vespids, most early game problems are over once these dudes come out. It isn't easy though, and my success is usually dependent on whether my micro skill is much better than my enemy's. That kroot tactic seems to guarantee a greater chance of success. I used to play Eldar and a little IG before Dark Crusade comes out. Necrons look cool but gosh... seems that everybody and their mothers are playing these! :eek: I'm sticking with Tau, thanks.
  3. You get a knot of rust from all the chests? That's weird. It is true that there exists a %chance to give certain items in FF12's treasure chests, but the chests in this room are different. 15 of them has a 100% chance to drop knot of rust, and 1 of them has a 100% chance to drop a zodiac spear. They can't even give gil since chance of that happening is 0%. I don't think the order of which you open the chests matter. At least no note about it is written in my game guidebook. I don't know what kind of problem you're having... but loading an earlier savegame to try it again might help. Just a hunch, but I don't think the chests would actually respawn. If you can't reload the game to an earlier point then better start teaching Basch how to use a katana.
  4. Enter a room with 16 chests arranged neatly in a 4x4 manner. One of them contains a zodiac spear while the others are filled with knot of rust's. The chest with the spear is very close to the room's entrance. --------- |o o o o| |o o o o| |o o o o| |o x o o| ---| |--- entrance the spear is in the chest marked x.
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