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  1. You know, there's always room for an anime-centric remix album. There's some really delightful anime with Christmas episodes out there. I'd love to hear an album like that someday. Hopefully someday is sooner than later.
  2. I've been so busy I totally missed the thread in July. Here I am just checking in. Looking forward to this!
  3. I'll create a zip and upload it. It will take a little bit of time. Check back in about half an hour from the time of this post. Edit: I have uploaded a .zip file, and linked it on the page. If there are any further issues, please let us know and we'll try to solve it as quickly as possible.
  4. That's really odd. I went to the web address, and it seemed to work for me. I'm not sure why it would be down unless it was updating certificates. I know there's been some activity lately by DreamHost, the service I use for the site.
  5. My, how time flies. It is October now, almost time for Halloween, and then it won't be long before Thanksgiving when we're all stuffing our faces full of turkey and pumpkin pie. I hope you're all doing well. @Cyril the Wolf, don't forget about your track. Wouldn't want to disappoint someone.
  6. You know, when this got started I never imagined that this project would continue on for so long. I thought it would go for a year or two and then folks would lose interest. And that would've been okay, because I knew someone else would've picked up the torch and kept it going, or started a different project around the same themes. But sixteen years is a long time. I was 25-years-old when this project started. That it's still going now that I'm 41, and with so many folks still contributing year after year, it's really a special thing here. Even though I only build the page for each new volume, I'm still proud of the work being done by everyone, especially The Coop, who keeps it all going and manages to write his own songs each year. So, I want to thank each and every one of you. Seeing this continue, sixteen years and counting, speaks to the power of the music and to the community. Thank you for keeping this going, every single one of you.
  7. Excellent. *rubs hands together a la Mr. Burns*
  8. I'm okay. Just busy with real world shenanigans. A new design might not wait. I'm either going to shorten the list to simply thr numerical, or, I'll build a flexbox to make a list of clickable front album covers. We'll see. Edit: I've built the new album page and have updated all of the links for each of the pages. Since we're on the subject, it's become rather tedious to update so many pages each year. That said, I'm thinking about evolving to a one page design. Unfortunately, I lack the technical ability to pull this off. I've really been lax in learning development, but I suppose now would be as good a time as any to get back on that horse. Truthfully, the last two years have been hard on everyone, including myself. So, having said that, I'm not attempting to excuse myself from learning things that will clearly only help me, I'm, well, I've just been having trouble staying focused. Before this turns into some Tumblr or LiveJournal nonsense, yes, I'm working on it; no it's not easy for me. But I'll keep going anyway. @The Coop
  9. You know, I almost entirely forgot about this. It's...it's been a long year. That said, I'll be ready to build the new page and update the site. Though, to be honest, it's really time to update the design, too. I've been rather lax with it. Maybe I'll add a sidebar. Maybe not... Anyway, It'll be fun to post the project again this year. I'm looking forward to it.
  10. I have uploaded the corrected version of the back cover as well as updated the .rar file as well.
  11. Dang it, Coop... I'm not crying, you're crying. ;_;
  12. In case anyone was wondering, I'm still alive, and I'm still watching. I'll be authoring up the page for the new album this week and will be looking forward to finishing it up once the album is finished. As always, I'm happy that folks are participating and I look forward to hearing your tracks as always!
  13. I did not realize this. I've not been on the forums nearly as much as I used to be. I wanted to suggest link icons that folks could click to go to an artists site or bandcamp page or some social network profile/site/etc. with placement of such under their user name "card" at the left of the posts they make, but, after reading other comments here, that might be a worthless idea anyway. Guess even I need to get with the times.
  14. Interesting debate here. It's sad to see signatures go, but I've seen all to often what happens when someone loses their web server space or their link is cut off because they ran out of bandwidth. If it wasn't so costly to host all of those signatures, I'd suggest a web server solution run by OCR itself as a storehouse for signatures. Again, that would be costly, and the goal isn't to make it harder for anyone to operate. That said, I've an idea for posts. I decided to look at the code in Chrome's Developer tools. Took me a little bit to find the article tags that surround the posts here, but when I did, I toggled the border options that was available to me. It honestly doesn't look too bad if you add a simple border. It doesn't have to be black, or surround the entire post. Just enough, say one pixel, at the bottom of each post. I figured it would be the simplest idea to execute, barely any code at all. But that's not up to me. I'm just suggesting something.
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