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    I've been here at OCR since 2002, I've seen a lot of change happen over time, and recently I've begun to contribute as much as I can with the finite time I have. I'm the host of an on-line, bi-weekly radio show called Radio ThaSauce Live. I've also co-hosted on the podcast OverClocked After Dark, as well as having produced the community Christmas album An OverClocked Christmas for the last three consecutive years.

    Currently, I'm working on forming a Music Group for folks who want to get together and learn or advance their musical skills in a variety of instruments, technique, and theory capacity. As well as inspire a more community oriented aspect to learning to read, write and enjoy music.

    I also like to read, enjoy bowling, watching movies, video gaming, online MMOs, and other activities too numerous to name.

    You can usually find me on IRC if you're looking to chill and talk a while.
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  1. Just here to give this thread a bit of a bump. It's already October, and you know that means we're getting ever closer to Christmas. So, I'd like to throw out an idea since i'm such an avid Destiny 2 player. Perhaps someone would take up the challenge of remixing a track from Destiny or Destiny 2? (No, not the Paul McCartney song because it's copyright protected.) But there are a ton of fantastic tracks available to choose from. Some of my favorite include "Bad Juju", "Holliday", "The Awoken", "Journey (feat. Kronos Quartet)", and "Ikora". I think those are some awesome tracks, and would lend themselves well to a Christmas-style remix. I hope you are all working on some awesome music for this year, I can't wait to hear the finished tracks1
  2. It's been two years since anyone commented here. Just checking in to see how everything is holding up.
  3. You know, sometimes half the fun of listening to a ReMix or a track from AOCC is trying to figure out what song it is just from what you're hearing. Definitely brings out the nostalgia when you hear something familiar and it reminds you of the game you've played or a place you've been.
  4. Thank you, dip. I'm glad to help, even if all I do is maintain the site for it. It's a privilege.
  5. We are just 18 days away from the deadline, and I hope you're prepared. I'll be decking the halls of the website in preparation. Looking forward to this year's album, and I know I won't be disappointed. I never am with this.
  6. I'm a bit curious myself as to what's up. But I'm sure Jose is just incredibly busy. But here's me bumping this a bit in an effort to help.
  7. Just so no one thinks I'm not watching, I am, I just wanted to bump this a bit to remind you all that the deadline looms large. You've got two months exactly! So hurry up, because I'm still looking forward to this!
  8. If only I could be home for this. I'm so glad that OHC is still alive and well. This is amazing and I hope it's around for another 500 rounds.
  9. I'd like to do this. I miss the experience of hanging out with friends. There's so much we could do together. Impromptu jamming, games, local places to eat. So yeah, I'm game.
  10. Minor edit for Track 10 of volume 11. Just re-download track 10 to receive the fixed version. It has also been changed in the .rar file as well.
  11. Who wants to get the album from the site so we can give The Coop's dropbox a rest? I know I do! Oh wait... I did! LOL! Go here for An OverClocked Christmas v11!!! ----> http://williammichael.info/aocc/
  12. I'll have it up on the website itself by noon tomorrow. Unfortunately, I work very strange hours, and literally just got home.
  13. Hey everybody, let's make The Coop's day and send him some lovin'. And by lovin', I mean some Christmas-y Jams. Or, at least, ya know, drop a line.
  14. I have confidence in @The Coop . I'm glad he's been along for this ride for 9 years. It's been a blast!