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  1. Really? News to me... I guess you know what you're talking about, you seem fairly confident. haha. I don't know where you got that idea. I really should put a "By the way, I'm a guy" page on djredlight.com. Glad you enjoyed my mixes but, whether you enjoyed them more thinking i was a chick is another matter hahaha. Might be the picture here. I'll admit, that does look like a woman. Woah *slaps his forehead* My apologies to DJ Redlight and DJ Pretzel!! Yes, it was probably the picture on your website and of course the fact that your name is Ashley. I automatically assumed you were a girl, silly me! Of course it wasn't the reason I enjoyed your mixes! My brother sent me "Memoriam" a long time ago, before I had even heard of OCRemix.org, and back then I assumed you were a guy because.. well.. it's game related, hehe. Thanks to you, Ash, this great mix, and of course DJPretzel I'm now addicted to OCRemix.org (Sounds like a bad thing, but it's not!) I hope I didn't offend you in any way. If I did, please forgive me. Keep up the good work. I hope you had a great birthday. AC
  2. Gah... sorry, but there's no harmony in this song. Sounds a bit random.
  3. First, I'd like to point out that DJ Redlight is a woman, despite what DJPretzel might write in his reviews This piece is simply amazing! Today I listened to the original for the first time.. THIS is what it's supposed to sound like. Great work, Ashley. I suggest you check out her website. More awesome tracks there. Especially "The Gift" and "Relic". I'm looking forward to hearing more tracks from you like "Memoriam". --[ AC ]-- :: Silent Hill Stole My Soul ::
  4. Oh dear Lord.. You people have got to be kidding me. I thought I'd just try downloading a random song because they usually turn out to be pretty good. I clicked on this one, started reading the posts and found nothing but praise. Of course, I quickly download the song, I mean come on, listen to these people: "Hitchhiker42: I registered just so I could comment on this song. This is amazing. I've had it on repeat on Winamp for almost an hour now." Oh this is going to be awesome!... What a disappointment. This song is boring and annoyingly random, not to mention totally out of harmony. That voice certainly isn't helping! Around 2:44, after being declared dead from boredom, you wake up again. What's this? A piano? Nice And a nice beat--no wait.. you just screwed that up. Sounds like someone's constantly stumbling over his big feet. And the scratch-noise, oh the pain.. And more random strings.. I'm trying to see the big picture here, I swear... strangling the cat a little more.. what? Oh it's a woman singing, I'm sorry. Yes, finally. It's over. What were you people thinking?? --[ AC ]--
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