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  1. Just discovered I had this on my Ipod. At first I thought it was one of the songs off one of my Silent hill soundtracks. Haha. If you did a Final Fantasy/Silent hill Crossover this would be a great theme for it.
  2. First off I'd like to say that I think this is an Excellent song, and probably a thousand times better than anything I could do if I tried doing the same thing you guys do. I like this song in the beginning of the track, because it has that feel of some scene of great importance from some show or anime Movie, where the Hero is getting the crap beat out of him, or he's struggling with some great emotional burden or near impossible feat to save somebody or something else along those same lines. The part that starts up at 2:40, that upbeat almost victorius sounding part just totally loses it for me though. It just ruins the whole vibe of someone going through some great struggle. Though this is probably something caused by the original song itself, and not exactly anything to do with your rendition of it. This is the only quirk I can find with it. This song has easily made it into my "Favorites" playlist on my player. I hope we can see some more Endless Duel remixes from you. Or maybe some Gundam Battle Assault 1 or 2 remixes ehn? Ja, ne?