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  1. I've been playing guitar for a little over a year now, and i'm extremely happy with my daily improvment. I've just started learning the solo to stairway to heaven after being told it's not overly difficult. Teaching myself how to play the guitar (with help) has been my greatest and ongoing achievment.
  2. I apologise if this had already been discussed, as both terms are too short to begin a keyword search of the forum. Like I'm sure the rest of you audiophiles out there agree, there is definitely a difference significant enough between mp3 and the CD wav format for me to care about. Now that I finally have an ipod (I know, hell is unavoidable now, I still love my Discman though) I'm curious to know if any of you prefer either of the formats in the topic over the other and why? If you hate them both with a passion, feel free to mention that too.
  3. I'm really impressed with the quaility of all the entries, especially all the winners. Congrats on a good competition! I would have loved to enter myself, but unfortunately, the last three months of my life I've spent backpacking around southeast asia. So no editing time. Hopefully a similar cometition like this can be organised in the future. Good work to all who entered, in particular stone eyes, cool vid. Where did you get the footage of the wolves/Huskies from?
  4. Im suprised this thread hasn't generated more interest.... Anyway to mijae, I'm guessing (as its outlined in the rules) that we can't use footage from moives, tv etc, otherwise this would be just another generic music video contest. I like the rules, makes ideas a little less free, yes, however working within the restrictions limits the....OH YEAH... total brainstorm!!!!! I know at least one idea i'm going to use for my music video.....ha. Sorry, sort of segued off topic very fast, but im sure you get my point.
  5. Man this is awesome. I'm not really into making anime music videos at all, but I'll jump at any chance to edit/shoot some footage of anything. Cool. I'd like it if the entries or at least links to the entries could be posted in a seperate thread. I'm interested to see what kinds of videos will be posted, hopefully some high quality stuff will surface. I'll get started on mine in a month or so, after uni exams. Wooh!
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