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  1. This mix sounds like the theme from Seinfeld on weed, ecstacy, and crack. Good job.
  2. Not only is this the best video game remix I've ever heard (and I've been frequenting OCRemix and VGMix for years), but this song touched me more than any other piece of music that I've heard throughout my life. I've managed to get over my depression by listening to this song on a daily basis for the last year. I love the upbeat melody and piano work in the background of this song. The only other song on the site which comes close to this masterpiece is its counterpart - 'One Girl in All the World' - which happens to be my second favorite song on the site. My favorite parts of 'All the World in One Girl' are the parts that start at 0:45, 1:12, 1:47, and 3:14. The ending is beautiful, too. 100/100 - Best song on OCRemix! Best remix ever! Better than 'One Girl in All the World'! Is there any chance of seeing 'All the Girl in One World' or 'One World in All the Girl' in the future?