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  1. It's pretty fun. It plays like Kingdom Hearts, but better streamlined to keep the action going. The story enhances FF7, so it's best if you've played that, but it can stand on it's own also.
  2. Congrats, man! I remember you told me about working on a DDR back in 2004/2005. I'm glad it came through!
  3. I was hoping I wouldn't come off as too negative, but I guess I did. I really don't mean to spread any negativity, but at the same time I guess I shouldn't only say what I didn't like, so I hope to fix that here. Thanks for checking me, Gamebox. Anyway, to me the most memorable remixes were the Hydrocity remix, the Marble Garden remix, and the Sandopolis remix , so I'd have to say those were my favorite. They were upbeat and implemented various instruments well. I also can say that the boss music remix was a very cool turn from what I thought it might be. As a side note, I listened to the album throughout the day on my MP3 player, so I can't recall the track names and the artists associated with each.
  4. I found most of the album to be near perfect - with the tracks keeping part of the original songs, while arranging them in ways very pleasing to the ear. The only 2 tracks I wasn't a fan of were the ones for Ice Cap and Lava Reef. I don't mean any offense to the artists that arranged the tracks, but frankly I found them to be boring, and I really did become drowsy in the middle of the Ice Cap arrangement. While I can objectively see they were as well done as the other pieces, I personally can't find myself to like them. But again, that's just my personal opinion. I want to thank each and every person who worked on the album in getting it released. You've all ensured that the frequent traveling I'll be doing will be accompanied by some excellent music. A batch of karma cookies for each of you!
  5. Omatic


    One thing that is very important here is to NOT let the first exam let you down. It's always demoralizing to have a bad start in a class, but it's not the end of the class. My suggestion is to study hard to make up for the failed test. On top of that, this class probably allows for a dropped exam, right? (most engineering-type classes have some kind of system like that). However if the class is not like that, then chances are you can still pull at least a B out of the class if you get a decent grade in everything else. I know this is hard, but the absolute best way to pass a class is to set aside a daily, regular schedule for the class. Since it's a entry class, an hour a day should do it, and maybe 1.5 hours the week of a test. You sound like a smart guy (after all, you made it into college), so don't give up on the class! Stick it out until you're sure you're doomed (your college should also have a class drop deadline, try and wait until just before then to make your drop decision).
  6. I used to be a fan of rap, but I got away from it pretty much because of stuff like this. It's creative, and I can appreciate it for that aspect, but I wouldn't promote it as a "must-listen to". It's a well done OC Remix. As for the title, there's really no need for it. I can see the satire in it (Asterix and Obelik are two vikings), but it seems to cause too much controversy, taking away from the song's greatness or lack thereof. As a black male myself, I was dismayed at the title, and found it to be a dumb decision, albeit not exactly offensive. Although I wonder what would have happened if the song title had been "Crackaz fo' Life"...
  7. Take your time guys, don't rush. I'll wait for as long as I have to, and I'm sure everyone else will as well. I'm very excited about the results of this one, so I look forward to when I'll have nothing but these tracks on my playlist. And if anyone needs any Ice Cap names...
  8. Piano!? Aww... Frozen Keys Sheets of Ice (You can play around with this one, the concept is that you're playing sheet music, and also that they're sheets of ice) Sub-Zero Hero Cold Composure (plays on the fact that the piano music was "composed") How about those?
  9. Ice Cap ideas: Cold Shoulder Frosty Beat Cold Welcome Under the Glacier Tip of the Iceburg Hot Ice Icy Hot Hell Froze Over Frozen Fur Coat Spin, Dash, Freeze! Freezing My Spikes Off Frost Bites Ice Pop Ice Spehere(s) Cold Blooded Crossing Freeze Frames Sounds of Frost Icy Tempo Rythym & Blue-Skinned (actually, that's a good one in general) Snowblowing Stalactite Symphony Snow Days Frozen Over Overfrozen Remix Chilly Beat S3 Blizzard (as opposed to DQ Blizzard) And that's just from thinking on my feet.
  10. This project is great. It roxxorz my soxxorz. Just awesome.
  11. If there was a standard of perfection on mixes, it'd be here. It's really great on the instrumental alone, but the rap goes just perfectly with it. Excellent work here.
  12. Hey, I've been watching the project for a while, and it's really exciting that one of my favorite classics is gonna have it's own arrangement project. Anyway, I don't know if this will help anyone this far in the process, but I found a site that has the enitre S&K/S3 soundtrack on it in MP3 format, located here: http://www.planetdreamcast.com/sonic/listen/sonic3k.shtml The only catch is that you have to go through Gamespy to download the mp3s. If anyone doesn't want to go through all that, I have the entire thing on PC for anyone who needs it. Good luck guys!
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