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  1. I know this has to be a reply, but i can't hold it. Hi I'm BloodFalcon, I'm visiting ocr since the beginning. Now i'm member 2. Now going to the song. Quite good work, the instruments has something from the GameBoy output. Speed up, that's best about it. I liked the song as it is, but this remix shows how you can make a quitly song whit sence to an unsensual song, whit enough beeps to get a headake! Proticity (did I spell it well? ) maked a remix, you made one. If there is going to be a DCK2 project on ocr, I think your mix must be on it (sorry Proticity, your song is good as well, but, man, I like those Beeps!) Keep up the good work! BloodFalcon
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