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  1. So far what I have been able to find is this Oak Ridge is home of Y12, the nuclear power plant that played a big part in the Manhattan project. Apparently a lot of people met there regarding the construction of nuclear weapons.
  2. That I'm not quite sure of, I'm still doing research on it.
  3. So for the latest installment I actually have a building that has completely caught me, I've been back there about six times now since I stumbled over it with my Photography friend Whitney. The building is called Alexander Inn Guest House. I really don't have a lot of background on the building but it's someplace that I'm really interested in not only learning more about but also getting inside of. It's all boarded up and shuttered but as I'll show people do go inside of the building, there's currently an open window on the bottom floor but all we lack are the numbers to go in, the owner of the building lives nearby so it'd be a night mission and someone would have to drop off the people going in and leave them there. Anyway, here goes. A little geography on the place. The front of the building has a breezeway with a red concrete walkway, the entirety of the front and off to the sides a little are covered in some really neat scrollwork railings which are covered in vines. Here is the corner at the front of the breezeway just as you turn toward the (and for lack of my knowledge of directions) 'Rooms Side' of the Hotel. Now on the 'Rooms Side' as well on the far other side of the building around the opposite corner of the same breezeway you have the 'Bar Side' of the hotel because under the boarding I've been told there is a bar. On either end of the building there are two doors that are up on the second floor, accessible by ladders. This door is on the 'Rooms Side' Alright, on the 'Bar Side' of the building, down off the breezeway, not being the actual front of the building but being the first piece of it that you see when you drive in, there is a pool. This pool is really cruddy and it currently has a television floating in it. I know that this picture isn't very informative but I like it a lot. So here is the drug bottle floating in the pool. Also not very informative, but every time I got near the pool or leaned down to take pictures I had alternating fears that someone was going to either push or pull me into it. The last picture I'm going to straight post is again not very informative but it's the breezeway post with one of the vines wrapped around it As before, here are the links to all the photos I couldn't get passed the 4 photo rule. I'm going to get some detail about the area of the building they are in. Also as a warning I'm sure this won't be the first time I post this place since I'm in love or a little obsessed. Okay this is on the left 'Rooms Side' of the House, when you're standing out on the road looking at it, it's just off the the right. In that same back corner there are a flight of stairs that lead down to what I assume is a cellar This is a partial shot of the 'Rooms Side' wall of the building to the left of those stairs and the corner. You can see individual windows this way Here is the full 'Rooms Side', off to the right is that corner/cellar, and to the left where the wall comes toward you there is an open window Aaaand speaking of the open window, here is a good shot of that wall. If you come back toward the road and go left around the wall with the open window, there is a stairwell which you can climb up and get this view, still the 'Rooms Side' of the building if I had panned a little to the right you'd have seen the second floor door Here is the front Breezeway, 'Bar Side' and showing a little of the damage of time Some more of the Breezeway vines, cause I think they are pretty Breezeway from the 'Rooms Side' pointing toward the bar. If you look off to the left right before the white turns into the background, you can see what I think is a windowseat in the bar. Side view of the front of the inn, later at night. This is through the open window, into one of the rooms. Railway Vines, full breezeway Second floor door on the 'Rooms Side' Barside Second floor Door Ladder I know this is a lot, like I said I'm obsessed, every time I go back i get a different view of the place. Next time I'll post up four full side shots of each side.
  4. Hey, back again. Still motoring around Tennessee and getting some photos done, this time we went to Crossville. There is a place there called the Treehouse of the Way I think. It's pretty darn.. something. Really though it's got a lot of great shots and though it's a little creepy being that it is a chapel outside of Crossville made out of a giant treehouse, it's definitely a place worth visiting. We were there a little bit before dusk and i got some pretty worthy shots out of the deal. Here is the outside of the treehouse, the next time we go out there I'd love to get up into the upper floors, we only managed to get up to the third floor because the girl I was with was kind of a sissy Here is a shot of almost the full house, you can nearly see the 'Treehouse of the Way' sign up there at the top and the entry point to the tower is just off to the left, the entry to the actual building is just ahead and behind that tree right in the middle to the right of the farm plow. Once you get straight ahead you'll find a bunch of random little rooms where they've moved in different bits of furniture like this room and another angle of it from the other side of the room that shows a bed of sorts. Once you get further into the building, up a set of stairs off toward your left from that angle, you get up into the sanctuary area of the building and then after you cross that there are a bunch of stairs that lead up into the third and fourth or so layers, but like I said we only got into the third floor. But here is the chapel/sanctuary area and yes that is a giant cross with the ladder on it. Here is a pretty good view of what the worksmanship is like, it's insanely perplexing at times and you get lost really easily with all the tracks and walkways and doors. I was taking this shot and my friend was standing behind me in the bottom of a ladder like hole that I had clambered up through, she thought she's heard a growling noise like an animal and then Halt texted me and the phone made a crazy ghostly howl, so she started to squeal and we had to leave. As usual there are some extra pictures that I can't post here because of the size limit, those are just the ones I really like. Here are the rest Writing on one of the benches that serve as pews Looking down on a 'crick' from the third floor The Dinner Table, off the sanctuary area A collage of pictures, this is actually the third one that is in the building. The cat in the middle is a little creepy Side of the treehouse from the second floor outside of the chapel The twisted walkway up into the tower And to cap it all off I stopped in Crossville before even going out there and took a picture of this headstone. I know it's a little morbid, but I think it looks pretty neat. Apparently that is his coat of arms on the hilt
  5. Weekends are lame for me, I still work on the weekends until after 3:30, which is I suppose okay because before that the sun is too high and either I die like a burning ember or the pictures are just going to turn out flat because the shadows are obliterated by this sun pit which is Tennessee.
  6. I went back out again, and I was going to drive to Chattanooga (spelling is stupid, unless I got it right then it's awesome). But then I got distracted by Eulogic's home town. Isn't it quaint?! Look a cheese factory! I also got a bunch of links here to the pictures I took up in the Cherokee National Forest
  7. I'm 26, Eulogic. And no, it's really really trying to apparently but the Farragut snobs are kinda beatin' it back.
  8. I see what you did there. I heard that East Tennessee is really cruddy and kind of ghetto, I've been looking for a house and that is the cheapest area. I like the imagery of slummy places though.
  9. Hi Equiknox, bye Equiknox, I'll have a special picture posted for you in a day or so, just for you..
  10. I knew about Edgey, but that's a lot of people I never new lived around here, compared to North Dakota at least where there is a lone Flik and myself..and now just a lone Flik.
  11. Thanks, there were a lot of pictures that I deleted out of the mass I'd taken, my friend also took a bunch of pictures that I'm sure I'll get a look at later. I'm a big fan of shots of broken down buildings, industrial wreck, and urban pictures, though there are a bunch of images of nature and what not that are also pretty great, art in general. Looking around the metal scrap was very half life 2, especially as the light started to fail. I'd wondered what those were, we found some long rods of hard plastic in the wreck, I was thinking it was a plastics something or other I moved down here about 8 months ago for my family, Old City is interesting in terms of photography, and I stumbled on the old dam in Lenoir City with my sister in law, I'll check out Sweetwater though I probably won't leave after that.
  12. So I don't know how many photographers there are on the forums, but I thought that I would share this day out taking photos with people that are, all of the photos are Here if you want to look at them in a link list, otherwise I will by the grace of asking make a nicely image heavy thread. Starting at about 5pm in the Old City of Knoxville near University of Tennessee, we went down beneath a bridge that I've been at before, but honestly was too afraid to go under by myself because it's hobo central and frankly just too damned creepy for me to negotiate alone. Besides, most of the males in my family/friend units seem to think running around in shady corners of a major city as a lone female is dangerous, go figure. Anyway.. I had a few other photos from that spot that include a discarded bible and a pack of needles, but the needles were blurry and the bible isn't very impressive. Here are the other pictures linked for your comfort: Bible Entry beneath the bridge. Offset Under the bridge Standing farther back into the bridge and pointing out After the bridge we went over to an obscure area just beyond UT near a warehouse that (as far as I can tell) makes large metal bits for industrial things. Linked again the other pictures at that site: Metal covered window A slightly blurred shot of the metal yard This shot is a stairway that leads up to a Marble sales building that is being used as a baptist church/gathering place for people who have wine/music events. A wall with Vines on it The inside of the warehouse, we're going to try and get all the way into it next time. Side of the building looking through to the sun as we start to get more toward 6ish Inside of the building with the darkened windows Again outside the building where the windows are broken in The third site that we went to was just down the road and we found some interesting signs of squatters like an a Marie Antoinette CD, clothing, and a suspiciously "organised" corner mounded with poop that I gladly did not step in because I'm pretty sure it was human (Not that stepping in animal poop would have been any better). It also had a pile of barrels that I think were filled with ground up plastic, but I'm not completely sure what they made in the factory. Other shots of the same place are: The Marie Antoinette CD, which I took BTW, it still plays, along with some tooth care objects Squatter clothes! (no I didn't photograph the poop) Alarm will Sound Looking up through the 'roof' The last site that we hit was much farther away so you can tell by the declined light that it took us a while to get there, over in Lenoir City standing on an overlook that peered out over the Dam/Lock. It was about 9pm and there were still people out fishing. The light was really low so I got a bunch of light smears from the cars passing over the bridge, but I liked the colouring. The rest of the images in this location are A full shot of the Dam, sans fishermen Crazy Swirls that Mean I move the Camera too much Hope you find this interesting, if you do let me know because I do this about once every other week and it's fun to share. I'm also interested of course in seeing other people's photo adventures.
  13. hello sexy Lady, or should i say belle demoiselle?

  14. Looking to see if anyone is interested in laying claim to a sig that I made a while back. If you are, lemme know and I'll Slap your name on it.