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  1. Ooo, Rexy Ice cap would be great By the way, the PC version of the game (Sonic & Knuckles Collection) had different music for Carnival Night, Ice Cap, and Launch Base. It fills my heart with sadness that no one has done a remix of any of these versions, since the PC game is the one I always play, but it's probably too late in the project to consider at this point. However it could provide an alternative to doing yet another remix of the Genesis Ice Cap music so I thought I'd mention it.
  2. If you're going to use Sonic Team's artwork, I would suggest only using images created for S3&K. The Sonic Adventure images certainly look cool, but personally I think they're inappropriate for a project based on a game where Sonic's look was significantly different. Otherwise, looks like a good start.
  3. I hope Hadyn will be able to continue, I liked his WIP a lot
  4. DJ Bren...just listened to your WIP and that's not even Boss 1, it's Death Egg (which isn't closed, according to page 1). Don't have a cow, man! EDIT: Unless you were working on both? btw thanks for posting the WIP.
  5. Hey dudes! I don't think I've posted in this thread before but I've been following the project for a long time. Since the cover is now being discussed I wanted to mention that I've also been working on CD art, though it might be a while before it's ready to be shared. I really want to contribute to the project (I'm a HUGE fan of Sonic and this is my favorite Sonic game) but have never tried arranging music before, but I am a graphic design major and enjoy creating CD art so hopefully you will all be open to my ideas as well as those already presented. I also have an opinion on the issue of the history thread (if anyone cares)'s true that there was a lot of bickering in that thread, but there was plenty of serious discussion as well, plus it was the origin of the project, so it was still fascinating to read. I suggest leaving it up...if anything it'll show how far the project has come! Keep up the good work. From the WIPs I've heard this will be an amazing project. PS - No more Rayza makes me want to this: I was also disappointed that analoq couldn't do ice cap - I figured if anyone could think of a fresh approach it would be him.
  6. I'm about to listen to the project, I'm looking forward to it...
  7. Know what a better name for this project would be? KIRBY...FULLY LOADED!!!!!!!!!
  8. nineko - You underestimate me...I have played 130,482,588,528 hours of S3&K! That's why I'm posting here (I'm not a remixer)! But no one said anything negative. In fact, I like that this mix creates a different mood from the original.
  9. I thought the same thing, until I listened to the original again and realized Ichitootah slowed the melody waaay down. An interesting variation...