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  1. i just have an ipod mini. a little one gigger. but ive got like 3000 songs on my hard drive.
  2. i went and saw it agian for the 6th time last night. i cant get enough.
  3. ok, i was at school and i brought my laptop. my class ended so i closed it while it was still on. 10 minutes later i reopened it and my entire system had shut down a deleted everything on it. naturaly i was like WTF? is there any way i can gain back all my files? cause they arent in the trash, they are just gone. its like my computer reformated itself. any help is appriciated.
  4. why the hell did they do that? unmod was awsome..
  5. Is there anyone who knows if they are doing guitar hero 3?
  6. I ain't been here in almost a year. Just thought I would see if there is anything new. Besides all the obvious details.
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