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  1. oi! Are you still around?

  2. Actually it was my friends' stepmother's total ignorance of gaming that introduced us to Armored Core (we wanted her to get one of the Ace Combat games...don't ask me :/ ). Maybe I'm just lucky.
  3. DRAKAN DRAKAN DRAKAN DRAKAN DRAKAN DRAKAN. The ONLY decent parts of that game were flying the dragon.
  4. I want to decide who lives and who dies.
  5. Thanks, Aninymouse. I've been looking for new music, and you've given me a lot to look into. I read a lot of Light this City's lyrics, and HOLY CRAP. The subject matter is similar, but it's a cool subject and all of the songs are well written. Some of them really stand out. (The Eagle and Like Every Song's our last I loved) Within Temptation... I disliked. I hate when women sing in falsetto, and they just kind of sound like a Evanescence clone. Or vice versa, whomever came first. Anyway, falsetto bad.
  6. Killing someone while drunk driving is murder. Everyone knows that your judgment and reflexes are impaired when you drink. Nobody gets drunk by accident. Anything that happens while drunk, that could have been avoided if in your right mind, is not an accident.
  7. Is it that game everyone loses all the time?
  8. (Getting ready for work, so I haven't read the whole thread or researched this organization.) This sounds like a more focused Toys for Tots. It would be a good place to funnel used games. So you're not just putting money into games that could go into research. The money has already been spent, the games are just going to a worthier cause than getting 2% of their original dollar value from EB and collecting dust on the shelves.
  9. Citris

    OCR culture?

    I wish Frylok\Mystico were here to sing the requiem for UnMod...:'( I'm much too new\addle-brained to properly describe it. I'm glad I was here for at least the tail-end of that place. I had a lot of fun there. I still have that free-form poem Kingpun wrote about it(Warning explicit content I guess just making sure!): Being original is great And free verse is awesome Because you don't have to rhyme and shit ... It's got no rhythm, they said, it's got no rhyme You write in free verse all the time You need no structure for your song But then you go back and prove yourself wrong dammi
  10. Jesus, you're right... I remember my parents let me stay up past my bed-time in middle school to watch the first episode together when it aired. They ROFL'd hard at the "Somebody's baking brownies" joke.
  11. I find this hilarious. I haven't watched TV in years. Excepting of course the snippets out in public places.
  12. This is the type of game that should have an insane amount of characters. It kind of goes with the whole...theme...I guess. I don't know. More characters just seem like more chaos. Which is good in this case.
  13. See, I personally dislike the Halo series, but I played through Halo 3 with my friend and had a great time. It's not groundbreaking in any way, but it is a solid game. I, too, hope Assassin's Creed can pull off everything it's been boasting. If it does, then there's hope for the stealth genre. My favorite series being Thief, but the AI in those is so retarded. EDIT: Huh, I just noticed I said the same thing as Bigfoot.
  14. Citris

    Lost Magic

    I've finally decided to just sell this game and relieve myself of this torture. I know that if I keep it I'll get nostalgic about its good aspects and forget its bad, then start playing it and go through this cycle of disappointment all over again. So, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is good you say? Maybe I'll get that. I remember playing FFT on the PS1 and disliking it. Then again it was for about fifteen minutes, so I'm sure that opinion was made in haste. I just want a good handheld game I can have fun with. I've beaten all the ones I have.
  15. Citris

    Lost Magic

    Ok, I know this is not a new game, but I still need to talk about it. Did anyone enjoy this game? I've tried,and tried, and TRIED to like it, but every time something good happens, I see something that completely ruins it. And all this is ignoring the retarded uninspired "story". -Sweet, a game where I can cast magic the by actually drawing runes...wait...why do I have a limited amount of time to enjoy this in battles? -Cool! I can collect monsters, too! I can only use three, ok...wait...why am I also handicapped with Usage Points? -Hmm, this is a pretty challenging game. Good thing I
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