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  1. Wow, been forever since I came on here. Mainly because of college and WoW... But, other than that, I might start playing again. That, or form an OCR Guild on Eredar (Horde) because the current one I'm in just doesnt suit me with some recent changes going on. I've been with em for 6 months and considered 95% of them friends, but it seems that they don't really care about one another, which is just going to lead to its undoing. I mean, all those crazy nights of shooting each other and teaming up were fun, right? Personally I miss those days but then again, Halo 2 has become just so unbalanced and -meh- that I don't think I can play that anymore. If Halo 3 is any better and has clan support you know I'll be there to help out once again, but for now its getting done with college and the occasional Chromehounds (borrowed) and PSU, maybe even a bit of CoD2 in there, if none of those WoW. Well, um, yeah. Also another thing I've been doing is broadcasts seeing as how I have a laptop (though its a bloody mac...) and a few programs that will let me stream. I have a free server up but the quality sucks and there's about a minute of lag, then there's also the whole bit about them putting commercials in from time to time which I don't really approve of. Which reminds me... I need to actually finish songs x_x Blah, too much talking, not enough image finding for graphics... I'll be back, promise. Gotta finish working on stuff for now though.
  2. Got a 360 now. Who wants to play CoD2 with me and die? Cause, I'll snipe all of you till those new Halo 2 maps come out then rape you all on that... Then when 3 hits, LOOK OUT!
  3. Been looking for this for a VERY long time... (more than 5 years, if even that) To no avail however have I located anything more than the name of the composer. Stepahne Picq is his name, and you may remember him from Dune. I have the original CD still, but without running a DOS emulator am I able to play it, and the audio is in a special format. I'm unable to play it and would like to get either a chipset or something so I can listen to this song again. (For those who are cutting to the chase and need a reminder, the song is played during any visit to the Venusia Market in game. Most likely that is the name of the song.) Any leads or information on how to get this song out so I can listen to it whenever (No Mp3's please, I can convert it myself if I need to upload to my player) I'd wish to. This is so that I can work on a remix for use in a possible film or commercial that I will be assembling sometime next year. I wish to hand make everything from the music to the animation itself for this, for more style and pop. That is all. If you are able to assist, I will be *very* thankful.
  4. Hey, just calling it how it is... I take GREAT care of all my games and the PS2 is the only thing that has a problem with it. Everything else including my old OLD gameboy still works fine.
  5. Get me a network adapter and a PS2 that ISNT a piece of shit and will get a short in the AV socket along with a headset and you have yourself a deal...
  6. I <3 Contact. It just appeals to me a LOT. Wish Earthbound were out though... I'm tired of waiting for the rom translation of Mother 3 to be released and I've already beat Earthbound 0 and Earthbound... T___T
  7. Also, Lazy, could you tell me what you use to record DS audio with? Cause, there's a few songs I'm trying to get from Contact and I've no way of doing so... Blah blah blah.
  8. Ewwww! Battlefield 2: Modern Combat FTW. Y'know, we should make a list of the Live-compatible games each person owns. Ewww, Battlefield... I played that for like 5 minutes before turning it off due to lack of control customization. I like my Legacy, thank you. Even my friend who plays with those controls can't complete any of the missions due to lack of information. CoD2 FTW, B2MC FTL!
  9. ...The HELL has been going on? I start college and everything is all wacky... ...Contact just came out so I'm playing that for awhile... <.< And WoW. Only when I've nothing else to do and friends are on. Blah blah blah... Yeah, working on a few original songs as well in between projects for classes. Got a rough one up on myspace... You should be able to find me, cmon =P I also previewed a Gears of War showing last night, and it looks CRAZY... Maybe we should branch out to other shooters, like CoD2 (if everyone has a 360, the better... Eh, whatever. I'm off to play Contact... >_> I'm hardly on AIM but if ya ever wanna play just hit me up.
  10. Eredar/Deej Valen/Deej/Tauren/Hunter I'd just like to say that *most* alliance that I have run into in the wild have been nothing but asshats. I'm fishing, look over because I see a tracking blip appear, then wave and resume pulling up fish. Next thing I know, he's beside me attacking me just because I wasn't a frilly night elf. Law of the Horde: If they start shit, then you can camp or do whatever the hell you want to them. Remember that.
  11. 7 hours AFTER I posted that and was busy with things...
  12. Cmon, where ARE you people at?! Recently I've only seen Kev and Aya on...
  13. Lazy is off playing WoW... We must convert her back to the goodness that is Halo! T_T And also get more people on... I don't see that many still to this day.
  14. Working on both still... Can't get my SNES emu to display the sprite sheets for a GOOD ninja (not that naruto shit) and also a pogo stick...And page 30 and counting on the list x-x;; If you want what I've got so far I can send that to ya in a PM.
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