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  1. Would be easily my favorite Chrono remix but the fact that it's only 2 minutes long drives me to give it 2nd. Still a Techno-Requiem to an already unparalleled song.
  2. This does Chrono Trigger the justice it deserves...Truly an epic tribute to the greatest game of all time. The way it plays sporadically yet melodically is just beautiful, it almost drove me to tears at 3:18 - 3:38, the arosen tension then relieved by even more brilliance. Best Chrono remix ever. Hands down.
  3. First post, but I've played Chrono Trigger avidly since it's release....I just find the fluidness of the music in parallel to the emotion as perfect...But as far as this piano piece is concerned, it offered what it said and way much more. I could tell he was totally feeling this as he played it, it's so innocent but resonant.
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