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  1. When I used word art, when talking about the pic, I was talking about that those crappy things on the pic are part of the pic. Its not like when you convert a song from a cd to a 128 MP3 file, the lossy data on this mp3 file would not be part of the song. On my pic, the lossy things are part of the pic, and they are not just there because of the crappy quality of the camera, i used that camera because i wanted to, i have a better camera here. Talking about the bands/artists that are into the project, a band sent me a e-mail saying that they are in.
  2. You have to think about this picture not as a photo, but as a "art" (think about a painting) those crappy things on the pic would be part of the pic and they would not be there ONLY because of the crappy quality of the camera that made the shot.
  3. Yes, the album will have many songs by different artists/bands. And yes, those songs will convey each artist/bands interpretation of the picture, they will create some song/sound that they think that would fit as a soundtrack to that pic.
  4. Audio Research Lab is a netlabel based on concept albums and every album will be based on a set of rules or ideas and the musicians will work on it. The first album of the label will be called valentino Rules: On that album, i will get a picture with a name on it. The idea of that album is that every artist will create a song that he think that would fit as a soundtrack to that picture, the album name will be the name on the pic. COVER ART:The picture ALBUM NAME: Valentino SONG LENGHT: Any TRACK NAME: Any MUSIC SUB-GENRE: Any DEADLINE: 21 July SONGS: Every artist can only send one music The pic: PS: The label use some default rules to every album will have (but some albums can override some rules) look at those rules here ( http://audioresearchlab.forumup.us/about3-audioresearchlab.html ) If you want to enter on that project send a e-mail to the netlabel ( audioresearchlab@hotmail.com ) saying that you will create a song or post in the forum of the label thread about that project. The forum of the label: ( http://audioresearchlab.forumup.us/ )
  5. I dont know why spaced out made by play paul reminds me the buy song from armored core 2.
  6. you forgot the ultimate doom, master levels for doom 2, and doom 64 games.