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  1. I really like this beat. It sounds very positive to me and I like the style switching. It's good, not too strong as to take away from the already established goodness. My only complaint is the song is little dead at 4:20 to the end. I know it is a bit nit picky to complain about the least 30 seconds of the song. The song keeps getting better and better until 4:20 where it just reapets a litte previous section. It's like watchnig a marshmellow in the microwave get bigger and bigger and waiting for the explody. Yet it doesn't happen. But if I was gonna rate this song A for sure!
  2. I like this one, has a real good upbeat tune to it. I just wish it had more of the funk in it and less of the piano/chimey part.
  3. This is a really upbeat jazzy remix. You would expect to find this type of music in KoF, yet Marc Star brings it to Street Fighter in grand fashion. While some people may not like the sakura sound clips in the song, I wouldn't want to imagine it without them.
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