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  1. Hi. 1.) That is really true. It seems to be a kind of a phenomenon: All the current tunes which are in: Loudness Sound System ( LDS ) format sound more than decent. To get more LDS tunes, you can check melcom 's chiptunes archive: http://chiptunes.back2roots.org/ 2.) The file: " music.mus " inside the Tyrian directory contains all the Loudness tunes which are the game music. If you do not have knowledges in " ripping " or in extracting data from " container files ", then you can check the Game Extractor: http://www.watto.org/extract It is able to extract files from " music.mus " and it is a more than decent JAVA application so that it runs on different operating systems which are able to run JAVA applications. (e.g. Windows, Linux,...) Here you can get more information about ripping pictures, sounds, music, etc. http://www.extractor.ru/download_index.phtml http://www.xentax.com/ http://wiki.xentax.com http://www.elberethzone.net ( http://www.elberethzone.net/index.php?page=dup5&language=en ) 3.) I made great efforts to: figure out and find the creator/builder/author of the Loudness Sound System ( LDS ) format. Finally, I found him. Here is the whole story: http://members.iinet.net.au/~vannevar/tyrian/music.html Because of "Melcom", Simon Peter (author of ADPlug) and me know us each other very well, I sent the LDS player sources* & docs* to Simon and he converted them to C/C++. So it was possible to add LDS support to ADPlug in a really fast way. *=Andras was surprised in a very positve way, when I got in contact with him the first time and when we talked about his really greeeeaaaat format: Loudness Sound System ( LDS ). 4.) Andreas Molnar did not develop/introduce the LDS format. His name is: Andras (without the e) You can also take google and look for "Andrew Miller". 5.) Short time ago, I heard that the Loudness Sound System format ( LDS ) was also used in (DOS) executables on different PC magazines CDs On these CDs, the executables start a menue that displays screenshots and descriptions of the CD content (in high resolution SVGA Vesa/VBE mode). e.g. "PC Games" (in Germany) Now, I am looking for persons who have got "PC Games" CDs and I am looking for more (re)sources which use the Loudness Sound System. 6.) If you have any question about: + Loudness (no requests about sources/documents), Andras, Chip tunes, Adlib, etc. + "How to record MIDI signals/data to a Midi file again?" (e.g. ripping MIDI data from any certain game was not possible) or, ... then just ask the question here or get in contact with me (via eMail or private message or ICQ). @Alex (Alexander Brandon) Long time ago I prepared a "Loudness Sound System misc files" -archive which contains misc stuff about the Loudness Sound System format. (e.g. unpublished Loudness tunes, screenshots from games where you can see the Loudness string in the credits, etc...). Because of Andras lost some files (LDS project files, Loudness tunes, documents, etc...), I would like to know if you still have Loudness related stuff?
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