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  1. Here is another one to get you into a Sinister mood... Like The Amphibian mix of the same level, It has that swampy feeling, except this time it's full of no hope. Great for those with EQ who are in the Swamps of No hope.
  2. Can you Say "Swampy Evil?" This give the feeling of being in a swamp surrounded by giant frogs. Good remix that could enhance other games (I currently have it for Upper Guk on EQ where there are lots of frogluks (frogmen), and get more feeling for it, I shrink my character). Very creepy. I like it
  3. Of quite a few remixes of Games I have heard so far.... This one has the posture and grand scale of being able to be played in a dance club and not even known it was a remix of a game. The whole techno feel of it comes out strong as if the song it was remixed from was meant to dance to. This person gave it 200% I would say
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