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  1. A review of Xenon 'Xoldin' Out for a Xero' by a user named Xenonetix is the pinnacle of Xenonnery; achievement unlocked This was the review I was xoldin' out for
  2. For those wot are curious, I finished this recently. Here's the thing : https://soundcloud.com/binster/cybernoid I shall submit this to OCRemix at some point!
  3. Hello! Had this one in a semi-finished state for a while but feel like getting it done before the end of the year. https://soundcloud.com/binster/cybernoid/s-8L2Wg Comments appreciated!
  4. Ugh, I KNOW Emblem180 - Harlequin is sooooo over done now. Next remix I do, I'll give an underdog a bit of attention... maybe one of the Final Fantasies..
  5. ...aaaaaand it's done. https://soundcloud.com/binster/xenon-remix
  6. Another update (although it's pretty quiet in this thread...) ...it's gone a bit bonkers. Same link as before : https://soundcloud.com/binster/xenon-remix/s-Mn7fQ
  7. HONK I've let this one sit for a while - and now I return! I've updated the linked version with an April update - clear those caches and give it a listen. It's structurally pretty much the same as last time, but I've tweaked the balance and instruments a bit to make it a bit more slammin'. As ever, let me know what you think! (That link again : https://soundcloud.com/binster/xenon-remix/s-4g0WV )
  8. Excellent to hear that the changes are going in the right direction I shall continue on and post an update at some point! And ellywu2 - I shall hold you to that offer (and reimburse you a pint or two in gratitude...)
  9. Sorry for double posting, but I've reworked this track quite extensively. Here's the new version : https://soundcloud.com/binster/xenon-remix/s-4g0WV New stuff - plenty of variation, lots of drops, new orchestral instruments... I've even put in thunderclaps like some dramatic lunatic. Anyway, let me know what you all think!
  10. Cheers for the feedback all! Yeah, I've been avoiding my responsibilities regarding the structure - I need to make sure that stuff works rather than endlessly tweaking the kick sound... I'll mull the quieter intro - I've tried taking the drums down and it doesn't sound right, which is probably a symptom of a problem elsewhere. And yeah, I need to put some more chiptune-arpy stuff in there to pay homage more. I shall continue to faff! EDIT : Also clubmusiclol EDIT EDIT : Updated the wip again - still a mess, but slightly more variety in the patterns and drops. Same link as before : https://soundcloud.com/binster/xenon/s-Mn7fQ
  11. Just a heads up that I tweaked this a little - mostly for sounds and production, still need to work on the structure. Same link as before, but here it is again for convenience : https://soundcloud.com/binster/xenon/s-Mn7fQ
  12. Cheers for the feedback! I know what you mean about starting with sparser drums - it totally makes sense, but I seem to use that technique quite often on my remixes (exhibit a: exhibit b: https://soundcloud.com/binster/i-now-pronounce-you ) so I wanted to make this remix start big and get bigger - I think maybe with more drops and twiddley bits in the main I might be able to work it...I'll leave this one for a bit anyway and return with a fresh brain.
  13. OK, here's the finished thing. Still not sure about the mixing, but it's Amiga Day so I should release it really... https://soundcloud.com/binster/xenon-remix
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83j4ICes2i4 (Serious answer : no idea. Anyone?)
  15. Hello all! A month or so ago I shared a few tracks from my in-progress chiptune album. Well, I've finally finished it. Here's the whole thing, all ten tracks, on youtube : And here's the album to buy : http://binster.bandcamp.com/album/quixotica I hope you all dig it! Binster / .mpegasus
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