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  1. Cheers for the feedback all!

    Yeah, I've been avoiding my responsibilities regarding the structure - I need to make sure that stuff works rather than endlessly tweaking the kick sound...

    I'll mull the quieter intro - I've tried taking the drums down and it doesn't sound right, which is probably a symptom of a problem elsewhere.

    And yeah, I need to put some more chiptune-arpy stuff in there to pay homage more.

    I shall continue to faff!

    EDIT : Also clubmusiclol

    EDIT EDIT : Updated the wip again - still a mess, but slightly more variety in the patterns and drops. Same link as before : https://soundcloud.com/binster/xenon/s-Mn7fQ

  2. Cheers for the feedback!

    I know what you mean about starting with sparser drums - it totally makes sense, but I seem to use that technique quite often on my remixes (exhibit a:

    exhibit b: https://soundcloud.com/binster/i-now-pronounce-you ) so I wanted to make this remix start big and get bigger - I think maybe with more drops and twiddley bits in the main I might be able to work it...

    I'll leave this one for a bit anyway and return with a fresh brain. :)

  3. Glad peoples is digging the mixes :)

    There's quite a few obscure tunes in there that I doubt people will have heard before (the GhostHunter one in particular is a downtempo treat and it's likely to be new to everyone on here).

    Actually, let's throw the tracklists up here :

    Upbeat :

    01 Super Mario Bros (Dirty Mix) By Koji Kondo

    02 Space Debris (Rochard) By Markus Captain Kaarlonen

    03 Human Installation (Inferno) By Alien Sex Fiend

    04 Freon World (Shatter) By Module

    05 Hundred Forty Billion (PixelJunk Shooter) By High Frequency Bandwidth

    06 Synthetic Chill (Hell Yeah!) By Sylvain Hellio

    07 Sidk Fnck By Trash80

    08 Pushing Onwards (VVVVVV) By SoulEye

    09 Focus (Super Hexagon) By Chipzel

    10 Surfing On A Sinewave By FearofDark

    11 MEOW By Anamanaguchi

    12 Troll Physics By .mpegasus

    13 Yummy (Mighty Switch Force) By Jake Kaufman

    14 Cobalt (My Little Blue Friend bigGIANTcircles remix) By Anosou

    15 Guitar Sound (Sequence) By Ronald Jenkees

    16 Vib Ribbon Blues By Vibri

    Downbeat :

    01 The Unfinished Swan By Joel Corelitz

    02 Island Reflections (Ecco : Defender of the Future) By Tim Follin

    03 Angel Flavor's Present By Katamari Damacy

    04 Prison Astral Theme (GhostHunter) By Martin Rex

    05 Heal (ICO) By Michiru Ooshima

    06 Ki-No-Ko (Silent Hill 2) By Akira Yamaoka

    07 Among Plants By Mosaik

    08 Ops 2 (System Shock 2) By Eric Brosius

    09 Summoning By Elysis

    10 Sync/Glitch (Fez) By Disasterpeace

    11 Concentrate (Frozen Synapse) By nervous_testpilot

    12 Collapse (ICO) By Michiru Ooshima

    13 Ascension (Dear Esther) By Jessica Curry

    14 I Was Born For This (Journey) By Austin Wintory

  4. Hello humans!

    I did a pair of mixsets featuring video game music - one poppy and upbeat, the other contemplative and downbeat.

    Here's links to the mp3s :

    Upbeat : http://picard.hgo.se/~binster/mpegasus%20-%20Upbeat%20Game%20Mix%202013.mp3

    Downbeat : http://picard.hgo.se/~binster/mpegasus%20-%20Downbeat%20Game%20Mix%202013.mp3

    And here's a link to some info about the games and so forth :



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