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  1. This is pretty good. I like how it sounds. I enjoy this much!
  2. The acoustic guitar is breath-taking. Awesome. I LOVE EVERYTHING BY PROJECT X! You just rock.
  3. When I first heard this....Well..... I was extemely let down. Unsatisfied. But after listening to it a little more, I really liked the beat, and eventually I kept listening to it. One of my least faves from Project X, but still pretty damn good. (I hope I don't get into trouble for cursing.)
  4. Wow, Collab, you can be an ass can't you? Awesome. Just awesome. I heard this on a flash movie called "Samus and MegaMan PT.2" I heard it when Samus was facing off with MetalMan, and I couldn't stop watching the whole damn 15 minute movie just to hear that song. I was never particularly into MM music, but you quickly changed that. 32/10
  5. This is freakin' sweet! The synths were very good. At first I downloaded this for nothing but the second half, when this switches to the electric guitar. But I soon came to love the whole thing. Only one complaint.... It was WAY TOO SHORT. But there is always "Repeat" to fix that.
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