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  1. Damathacus handed my ass to me in two straight games.
  2. I beat Mechsonic in the paper division.
  3. I guess I'm in. edit: AIM is the9thgunslinger
  4. Me vs Kamoh, 1-1 Lost the first game because of some stupid moves on my part. Second game was stupid moves on kamoh's part. Pretty fare as I see it.
  5. I'll definitely try and get something in. I've always managed to miss the writing competitions by the time I find them. Now that I saw this when it started, I'll try and have something in soon.
  6. oh, I'm definitely in. Oh, Aim is The9thGunslinger
  7. allright, unless the entire team wanted me out, I believe I'm in the buccanneers in the bottom position there.
  8. Falchion, what a hell of a player. Messed up my chance to checkmate him too. Damn. But Falchion won.
  9. Ugh...I lost versus Dpaladin. Quick loss too. I'm really sucking.
  10. Hey, if you're a fan of Short Fiction, I would suggest Escape pod (www.Escapepod.org). They do mainly Fantasy and Science fiction stories that they narrate on air. They have a pretty consistent audio quality, but it sometimes changes because they have guest narrators. Also, their horror podcast www.Pseudopod.org is the same thing, only horror stories. Great two podcasts. Most of the files are between 20 and 50 minutes long, so find some time to devote to it, but they are really good.
  11. Hello there. If i would have checked earlier and rejoined OCR like I am now, I would've joined before you guys started. I would like to join now. Please? AIM is The9thGunslinger Yahoo name is AmoryLowe
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