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  1. Here we go again... Pokemon Pearl 4983 1424 1454 and since it's missing from the first post... My Wii Friend Code 8337 0932 3626 4934
  2. Another concern that I had upon buying the DS version was that unlike the PC version (who knows when the demo sitting on our computers will fully blossom) it doesn't feature Wi-Fi play, only ad-hoc. Other than that, the graphic differences don't make much of change and stylus control is preferred as an analog to mouse control. I've yet to run out of things to do in this game. I've scoured my area for runes (and have yet to collect all available to me). I've trained my mount to be faster and stronger than before. I've even tried my darndest to lay siege to the neighboring cities. It may j
  3. chfuji

    Xbox 360

    I'm curious as to the rumor that's saying that with the release of the black HDMI-ready Xbox 360 with a larger hard drive (Zephyr) the Core Pack will be phased out and replaced with the current Premium pack. The Zephyr would take on the $400 price point, while the Premium would take on the $300 price point. My source for this was the most recent CAGcast. If anyone can confirm this, I'd really like to know. I've been planning on getting a 360 for the past few months now, and if a better deal (namely a cheaper premium pack; I don't need HDMI) is right around the corner I'd like to know wheth
  4. chfuji


    Actually, I think that profit thing is from the episode of South Park with the underwear-stealing gnomes. Anyway, back on topic, I watched approximately 95% of "300" last week (that would mean I've only seen "285". lawl.). It was the last showing and at the exact moment of the climax of the entire freaking film the flipping fire alarm went off!!! The movie stops, the robotic voice told us to leave and to not use the non-existent elevator. In the lobby the employees told us it was a false alarm, and that they'd start the movie up again in a few minutes. Well, most of us figured that meant w
  5. The Cure is an electronic-type group now? When did that happen? Or are they the same but they've been reclassified? Not that I'm saying anyone has to be a certain style/genre/etc, but it makes it easier for the brain. Poor addled brain...
  6. Well, I didn't see anyone mention this great new web-based TV show, so I'm doing it now. It's a live-action take on ye olde Captain N: The Game Master, but with a Sega themed spin. Production values of the show are darned good, and video game sequences are frequent and fun. There's even an OCremix tie-in: Shael Riley plays the role of the lovable (and eternally hungry) jock, Lunk. Here's the link to the site, so please check it out: http://www.pbc-productions.com/CaptainS/Main.html And if you're on the MySpace, they've got a profile on there too.
  7. Is it just me, or is English not the first language of either the actor playing the mom or the dad? Seriously. In all fairness, the dialogue sounded like it was ripped straight from the early Silent Hill games, but that doesn't excuse the crap-tastic delivery of lines in the first hotel scene (where they meet the daughter of the preacher woman) and the entrance scene into the church towards the very end. Sucks that this is the best adaptation yet...oh well, at least Uwe didn't get his mitts on it.
  8. Hey folks, with the unfortunate permanent hiatus of the beloved VGDJ podcast, I find myself lacking in the number of tasty vittles for my aural and visual receptors. I'm looking for recommendations for podcasts with a consistent quality of production value and content. Any such podcasts concerning those things that a member of this here website might be concerned with, such as: video games, music, anime, assorted geekery, etc. As for what I've got right now funneling into my computer and subsequently into my brain via my ears and eyes for the time being follows as such: 1UP Yours! Retronaut
  9. I think that Capcom will go ahead and bring out a number four. However, contrary to what a lot of folks are supposing here, I don't think it'll be an arcade game. In my opinion, one of the big causes for the decline of the American arcade was the escalating power of home consoles. With the current level of power available to home console developers and the lowering costs of HDtv sets, why invest money into a dedicated arcade cabinet? It'd be a better approach (whether the game is 2D, 2.5D, or 3D) to produce a home console release with online play. Heck, why not spice it up and make it cro
  10. I wish I could make it out for a bit of meet-up/culture goodness. I hope that all goes well with your recital. (I can't remember if you tell singers to break legs like with actors...) A quick question for you, Ms. pixietricks: my mom used to sing opera when she was in college. She was a coloratura mezzo-soprano. Sadly, she doesn't sing opera nowadays. I wish she still did because just talking about opera I can see how happy it made her. I guess it's like that for you. It must be if you're going to school for it and everything. Anyway, my question is this: what voice are you?
  11. I'm going to have to concur with whoever went to the trouble of dredging up the horrible traumas that are Mickey Mousecapade and Clash at Demonhead. Man, Mickey Mousecapade...I think myself and my two younger brothers each forced our way through that horrible game. I think anyone who has played it knows the fun of the invincible Minnie Mouse, and the pain that is the four seasons of the forest stage. Nothing beats the ending though...all that effort for @#%$-ing <spoiler> Alice <spoiler>!! Some secret friend... Clash at Demonhead I feel I played at too young of an age, along wit
  12. More games like Hotel Dusk need to be made and/or brought stateside (and/or to Canadia/Britania or anywhere else that it isn't but should be). As soon as I found out it was released I dropped the 30 plus bucks over at my local GameStop. The clerk was super shocked that anyone even knew about the game. If the companies involved in the game can't muster a proper ad campaign, I say we, as the loyal fans of games that don't suck, should do our part to educate the masses. Show or tell folks about Hotel Dusk. If you work at a game store, or like to lurk at one, drop hints to prospective buyers.
  13. Over at 1up.com, Sam Kennedy posted an article about a Japanese company called Tose who apparently has had quite a hand in a number of games. You can read the article here. Personally, I'm not sure how I feel about the idea that a game I may have bought or played wasn't made by who was listed on the box. Until I'd read this article I honestly had no idea that anyone was doing this. What're your thoughts?
  14. I've done the same. Arek, please update, for the good of the clan...
  15. I'm going to watch fireworks over at Ala Moana Beach Park. I'm tired of burning fingers and blowing up hands...
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