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  1. It just occurred to me how similar the two songs from these games sound: A Link to the Past's Dark Mountain/Forest theme, and the Mario Bros. Airship Theme (from a number of titles now, noteably SMB3 and Super Mario Galaxy). Do you guys think the two songs sound similar enough to be incorporated into some kind of remix together, or am I just tone deaf and a musical idiot for thinking they could be remixed together? :/
  2. Ah, yes yes it is! Thank you very much Chickenwarlord, I've found it again now ^^ And thank you liontamer for the link, I did find the piece I was talking about. ^^
  3. I'm trying to find two remixes that I found on OCR several years ago, but for whatever reason can't find them now. The first is a remix from Super Mario 64, very haunting and twisted, incorporating the merry-go-round and haunted house themes, at least. There was one more, I forget what. The absence of this mix confuses me, because on the Super Mario 64 page it still lists the tracks used in mixing it, yet it has no link. (I know this has happened to a few other game titles, which are listed yet contain no actual remixes.) What happened to it? The other is less specific, because I don't remember exactly where it came from. I could've sworn it came from the Doom remix project, but looking at the site again and I'm not seeing what I remember from when I got it - a link to each song and progress, and interesting notes about the remix. I do remember the remxier stating that it was all done with strings, with the pitch being tweaked considerably to create drums and similar sound effects. I've already looked (listened?) through the Doom remix project, not there, but I swear I remember the song being something from Doom. However, I recall my friends listening to it and commenting it sounded like nothing from doom... I wanna say Doom 3 it might've been from? And forgive me if I'm putting this in the wrong section, I didn't see a board where this sort of question would fit and thought a place for requesting remixes would be good to put a request to find already-made remixes...
  4. NECROOOO~! Ahaha, no. I was looking to make a thread to ask for a Mad Jack remix, if not working Frantic Factory into it, and thought to search to see if it wasn't already made or something - turns out it was, and this thread is it. clueless_guy has the right idea, the subject material is awesome and because the boss and level music are essentially the same I thought it could start out with Frantic Factory, then build up as the pace gets more "frantic" and "mad", building to a climax where it becomes Mad Jack instead of Frantic Factory. The ending would literally "wind down" back to frantic factory, played in some kind of chimes slower and slower, the evil toy vanquished and it's just the wind-up spring in its back coming to a stop... Here's a link to a youtube uploading of Mad Jack, since the midi doesn't do it justice - I want to note the evil maniacal laugh of Jack, since I was hoping this remix could stay eerie and wind-up clown creepy like the original is intended, I wish I knew music so I could say how I'm feeling this could be like~I'd just be happy with a solid remix of Mad Jack, doesn't have to follow my musings exactly I saw there was one guy working on a WIP for Frantic Factory a year or so ago, but it wasn't finished it seems... and it was more the level than Mad Jack >_>