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  1. I would die to know the lyrics. Im the sort of person who always has to sing along to songs, and i just CANT sing along to that hehehe
  2. Yes, id be interested to know the lyrics too. Im not a big song downloader, but i must say that of those i have downloaded, this one is at a tie for favourite. I love the mysticism this song generates. I can close my eyes, and listen to it and i can be somewhere, walking through that forest, feeling the eyes of the faeries on me. Ive always believed that what makes a good song is one of 3 things. - Either it can change your emotion, and make you believe that you were in that mood all along. - Or it can make you absorb the words and feel like you can relate and understand, almost like you lived the story. - Or finally, it can transport you to a place, wherever it is our minds choose, and you can fully believe, that for just a few mintues your there, and the song fuels that feeling. What happens when your there is altered and changed with the beat and speed of the song. That last one is exactly how i feel when i listen to this song. I wont bore anyone with the details of where i escape to when i hear this song, but it makes me want to listen to it again and again. I seriously hope you do some more remixes Pixietricks!!