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  1. Wow. I'm a fairly emotionless person, and this song made me sniffle a little, thinking about my own inter-personal issues. A well-done rendition of this piece. My only real negative thoughts are that one, your voice tends to get a little wobbly here and there. Part of it could be the emotion you've said you were feeling during this song. I can understand that; I've been involved with singing for many years and I know how nearly any factor can alter your sound; emotion, exhaustion, even recent consumption of chocolate and/or milk. I don't blame you for that. The only other problem I have is that the lyrics on the download page are incomplete! I wouldn't mind learning this song to sing on my own, so I'm going to have to piecemeal out the last half of the song. Otherwise, excellent piece Starla! Definitely worth a high grade by anyone.