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    Hi. We're Josh and Joe, the Legend of Symphony. We've been listeners of OCReMix for a handful of years and decided, "We should put some of our own stuff together", and try to make the cut as not just musicians or arrangers, but ReMixers.

    We're up for collaboration, if you can deal with our lack of skill in the production area.
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    ReMixers, Drummer and Guitarist

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  1. Joe Brown here. I recorded both the guitars and the basses (as there are more than one) in this tune; Josh thought it would be more appropriate for me to respond because of that. I first would like to thank you for listening and constructively critiquing the current issues in the mix. If I had the money, I'd be running out of a Marshall JVM205H head and not a Crate GLX212 combo on the guitars. The bass... well, being that I was using my friend's equipment (and I shall not be using his processor anymore. xD), I really can't do much about that. Second, the ending as written is very different
  2. Now I'm asking myself questions about what instrument to use for the new textures... Could a flute add something that fits? another violin? Maybe a synth? You can blame the lack of highs on the quality of our mixer, as well as the quality of our speaker cables. We had to filter out the higher frequencies to reduce the static, hum, and hiss. Now would be a good time to get a job... Our guitarist/bassist was a bit of a fool to add distortion to all but one track -- and that guitar track had the toughest effects to work around. I'm going to destroy that effects processor of his, I swear it. We're
  3. So, after being a pair of idiotic teenagers for two years, we (the Legend of Symphony) have decided to actually use the WIP forum before sending DJP any more absolute junk -- and trust me, even though we only tried three times, we tried with stuff so bad it would make an anthropomorphic trash can vomit in disgust. Anyhoo, I suppose I should be talking about the mix in progress. Well, it's an arrangement of "You Can Hear the Cry of the Planet" (aka "City of the Ancients" aka anything else you can get from roughly translating the Japanese title), with a bit of a feel from bands like Tool or Porc
  4. Okay, cool. I'm glad I got this working, thanks to your advice. I can finally kiss my crappy Line-in on my sound card good-bye.
  5. Could that be it..? I'll give a Mono audio track a shot and see if it works. The manual said instrument track, though I may have misread it. EDIT: It worked! Thanks so much, Tweek. My music shall read across the boundaries of the Internet to you as soon as it can.
  6. Just one instrument track, though I suppose I could throw in a few... useless, more or less, tracks. I wonder if the track type has something to do with it. I can't trust instruction manuals with no troubleshooting on an issue like this.
  7. It turns blue. This might be a matter of my computer's Theme, though.
  8. Not even a straight line. I get zilch. I'm using a Monster 5' (whoops, I marked it 5 in. in the specs!) 1/4" cable.
  9. Yes, I can hear myself. But when I playback after recording, I get nothing.
  10. I didn't allude to it, but yes, I had set the track for recording status. The light was blinking. What I can hear coming out of my headphones (I should probably hook my speakers in) is what I'm playing on my keyboard. The output is being routed out of the MBox outputs. In fact, I can hear myself playing through the MBox (via headphones/speakers, of course). But what I'm playing isn't being recorded. I'm trying again just this moment but to no avail. And just to clarify, I'm plugged into the TRS jack. And I have the MBox set for the TRS/Mic jack.
  11. Okay, so I just got the Pro Tools Ignition Pack (MBox 2 and P.T. LE 7.0) and I hooked it up as per the enclosed instructions. However, as I was recording (using a Roland ep-5 digital piano), Pro Tools seemed to not be picking up the recording. In fact, in the region area where time had been consumed for recording, there was nothing recorded there. Yes, I had the volume up. No, my speakers weren't/aren't muted. Yes, I set the gain so that clipping wouldn't occur. Yes, the mix knob is balanced to hear both input and playback. I suppose it would help if I listed my system specs, just in case some
  12. I don't believe it. Nobody else finds ties to Tool in this piece? That's what I was thinking when I first heard it. Very wonderful piece, zyk0. Please, bless us with more awesome music.
  13. Quite impressive, DS. Sort-of like how 4 measures of 7/8 (2-2-2-1) equal 7 measures of straight-eighth 4/4, eh? As for the 13/8 at the topic starter, the song the thing I played comes from is mainly in 12/8 for the verses and moves into the chorus in 13/8, which lasts four measures (as long as I played it) and goes right back into 12/8. Verse 1 lasts 12 measures. Verses 2 and 3 last only 8. Between Chorus 2 and Verse 3 is either a breakdown or a bridge (I can't really decide) in 14/8. Chorus 3 has an extra beat on measure four of it (making it 14/4) for the sake of a fill. So, taking the tot
  14. I didn't mean that Oblivion. I meant something along the lines of "from out of nowhere". Obscure time signatures you thought a remix has never seen before.
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