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  1. Thanks for responding, Zircon. I'm fairly excited for this album... Final Fantasy VI was one of my favorite games growing up. I still play it every so often, in the rare free time I have. Also, thanks for getting my sarcastic sense of humor.
  2. So, I've read the last few pages of this thread and I feel like no one really knows what the status of this project is. The irony, of course, would be if this was taking longer than non-funded albums because of difficulties people are having managing the finance-related aspects. But seriously though... Does anyone actually know what's going on with this project? And if I get a "be patient" response, I'm going to revert to my teenage years so I can appropriately counter respond.
  3. Ah, ok. That helps me some. Seeing as how I know nothing about BitTorrent other than how to download things... I'll look into it more when I have a bit more time. Get it? A "Bit" more time. Hah hah... ... Sorry. Thanks man.
  4. I did a quick search but found naught... How does OCRemix manage its BitTorrent files? This is something I've only recently acquired an interest about and it seems like the guys here are on the ball, so to speak. (Watch, my answer will be something straightforward) lol Thanks.
  5. Originally this was one of my own pieces I was working on. My brother was visiting me one day though, at an early point in development, and mentioned how parts of this reminded him of a certain big yellow bird's theme... It was like a subliminal attack! I couldn't help but put hints of said song in my own composition. Anyway, I figured that this might fit here. I don't know if it's done or not, but I don't think much else will get done on it in the next few weeks.
  6. FALSE! lol. Using the link above will not ask you to register on the site. Additionally, I changed the way I do things last night... The "I Agree" button now links directly to the song. Hotlinking is disabled, so a direct link to the file has to come from the site itself. (That's why I can't post a direct link here)
  7. This is my latest piano improvisation. It came to me while I was sitting in the local cafe with my girlfriend. We were just hanging out there; she was reading a reader's digest and I was just messing around on their piano. I started playing this and just kept it going for a while. I remembered a few things I liked about it, and then the next day I recorded it. Not all that exciting, but it's easy listening.
  8. Small update... I put the wrong version of the piece in the old zip file, but that doesn't matter because I have a new one. Goodbye from FFXII I think I put a little too much power in the percussion at some points, but oh well. Heh. EDIT: After listening to this again at a reasonable time, I can tell that I've overused a few things...
  9. It's been released in Japan for a little while now.
  10. Hey. I zipped it because I've disallowed hotlinking of MP3 files on my server. I still have to work out the different kinks (such as equalizing and mastering the song). I put compression on the instruments and percussion and now they sound like sh!t so I may take it off, IF I'm going to do anything with it at all. I forgot that I posted it here, which usually isn't a good sign for a song. Heh... Also, I don't know; I've never played FFXII. Thanks for the feedback though.
  11. Just messing around a little. The thing that took me the longest was the freaking loading and rendering... I need to not have a hundred things open when I write music. Goodbye from FFXII Again, I'll probably not do anything with it.