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  1. This is one of the best tracks that i ever heard from OCR! As i heard the first few seconds i thought "why the hell i didn`t play it earlyer???" I want to thank pixitricks and zircon for making a great masterwork of musicart. And that was just made in 48 hours??? Truly a work from genius guys.
  2. This song is really beautyful. DJPretzel has toped himself again. How sang the vocals for this track??? Geoffrey Taucer or DJPretzel??? Can someone please post it, or e-mail me?? (flex_ab@gmx.netANTISPAM)delete the last 8 letters to mail me. I play this song surly repeatedly. Greeting to all OC-Users and DJPretzel.
  3. I`f acctualy buyd this GREAT Game 2 days after Releas. And I must say, Jade is really the coolest Girl if ever seen in a Game. Every kbit, every nanosecond is ART in this Track. Man the Mix is sooooooooooo cooooool, I mean i was just so close to cry. All Respect to DJ Pretzel. Two Thumbs up. MAN your da MAN MAN. Make more cool ReMixes of BGE. JADE RULEZ
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