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  1. Another vote for Clash at Demonhead. Everytime you fell in the pit, I wanted to throw my controller at the wall cuz the game spewed legions of minions at you and you can only hope the exit is right next to you. If you didn't blow on the cartridge either, the game would glitch, and start you off on the mountain with no money or items or anything, it was scary.

    Oh yeah, try playing the first final fantasy again, funny translations and purposely-annoying sounds... I'm amazed I even got through a quarter of that game.

  2. Lets see... Me and my cousin say "C1" and "X1" as the radio commands from counter strike in public... funny.

    My friends from the military like to do halo-ish and counter strike animations and "raid" buildings. Weird, but fun.

    We say pwn and headshot and noob ALL the time, I got an old asian lady saying it, very good.

    I also came down with CTRL+Z syndrome, thinking I could just go back and redo something... hah.

    I do many street fighter animations with my friends, but that ends up with us pummeling each other on the ground and yelling "BURNING!"

    Usually I can get the public to do video game stuff with me, it brings much joy to everyones faces to hear a middle aged African-American waiter to yell "GET SERIOUS!"

  3. PS3 is simply too much, just forget it.

    I was in favor of Sony before, but I just don't know now.

    And playing Twilight Princess doesn't help either, mmmmmmmmmm so fun.

    But in all honesty, I'd rather have an XB360 and a Wii for the money I'm paying.

  4. Those lookin' delicious Pixie.


    Lets see... I had got back on Christmas Eve around 11pm, and I couldn't sleep. I hopped on AiM an me n my uncle both bring up the topic of wondering where a fast food place would be open...

    We only stopped at 2 places, but both have memorable and very odd tales.

    The first was a Dunkin' Donuts. This was literally the only one open for miles and miles around. We got there around 4am and there must've been 6 different people there, but all visibly drunk. We watched a guy stumble out to his truck and try to open the door for over 10 minutes, and after that got boring, grabbed some Hawaiian Punch and ran off since they wern't even serving food yet... weird.

    Our next stop was a 7/11 with one guy of Arab ethnicity working who knew very little english. We walked straight over to the burrito's and sat there laughing at them. NEVER trust a man named Don Miguel to supply your burritos. We bought a few of those each and then massive cans of Monster. While the guy was ringing us up, we started berating Jesus and laughing hysterically. The cashier said something about Allah and started laughing with us.

    That was a fun night.

    Then in the early afternoon on Christmas Day, some of my family was playing Texas Holdem with small bets, like around 10$. My cousin and I made out with around 20$ each, so more money in the pocket...

    After all was said and done, I went out with my other cousins and we blazed and watched A Christmas Story...

    Rather uneventful and maybe sadistic... but I had fun.

    And I got a 30gb iPod! :D

  5. Pick up Demon's Crest if possible, Great little game made by Capcom, not to mention Megaman X 1-3, All classics.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4, Come on, Big Apple, 3am.

    The SNES-version of Mortal Kombat II had more fatalities and all that from the Genesis version, I grew up on the original, but if your looking for more content, go with the SNES.

    Good luck buying all these.

    AND BUY IN DOSES! Sample and savor every game you buy, then move on to others!

    And see if you can get a copy of Gundam Wing: Endless Duel... Sooooo fun.

  6. You can get 60GB PS3s on Yahoo Japan for much closer to retail now. I was thinking of buying one but I'm going to wait a bit until there are some more releases out. The VF5 being ported to the 360 is a bit of a surprise though. It's one of the titles that was really driving my desire for a PS3, so I might see how this plays out. It just cements even further my plans to get a 360, as soon as I can get my hands on a US console.

    I'm actually purchasing a 360 when I wake up tomorrow, mainly because I'll be able to get the premium for essentially $200. It takes around that pricepoint for me to really consider a console purchase, but I think it also makes a nice Christmas present to my parents as a reliable DVD player that makes use of the HDTV we have via component cables that come with the system.

    And lol @ the thieves caught at grand theft.

    200$ for the Premium? Do tell! I missed out on the amazon sale and I'm lookin' into the 360 market myself. Just gotta have Halo 3.

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