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  1. This game makes my life, immediately posted it on Facebook. I went with Simon, although I think he needs holy water or the stop watch. Nothing against axes, considering they are fairly bad ass and get the job done, but for a guy who can't even handle falling in a pool of water, he is severely limited. Oh, and I call for an SNES version.
  2. I remember downloading House of Leaves off a huge compilation of music and liking it, who knew it was Sefiros. Great ambient music (in my opinion). Downloaded everything
  3. I think any online gamer is going to suffer these people, whether you like it or not. It has become MUCH worse since mic's became main stream, and with current gen consoles practically emphasizing the voice feature. But you do meet mature people, especially for their age. Its just getting by their voice which you mistake for being a girl. I recently started playing PSO again on the SCHT servers for blue burst and granted it is an older game, I have met 14-16 year olds who are not only incredibly mature, but just wanna play the game and have fun. And whoever mentioned Counter strike 1.6 hit
  4. Remember that scene in Braveheart where Mel Gibson breaks down a door with a horse and smashes the guy in the face? Thats gonna be Kotick.
  5. Just tried it, not too bad, only problem is I have all crap cards. If you wanna play sometime, add me.
  6. Would I be missing out playing the english option? I don't mind reading subtitles... but I don't know a single word of french. I feel like it would be more immersive playing it the language I know best. Also I thought the detective, Scott Shelby's voice acting was pretty good, although Norman Jayden reminded me of Colin Farrel sometimes.
  7. It isn't on the OST, but was released under a separate album called "Document of Metal Gear Solid 2". Linky to song :
  8. I own the soundtrack, but I havn't played the game in such a long time, what track/scene were you looking at in particular?
  9. I would love to buy this game but 60$ is too much right now. The demo was very satisfying, especially the fight scene, it was incredibly frantic start to finish. Also between this, Bad Company 2, God of War 3, and White Knight Chronicles, I won't be anywhere near this game for awhile. Time to avoid the spoilers!
  10. Hey if any of you guys wanna play sometime, I have characters ranging sl 35-180. The later difficulties kinda suck... or if you get invaded right after you beat the game and lose all your souls. My PSN is Zutnunzor
  11. You can buy hardstones/sharpstones from the vendor at the beginning of 2-1, they are 500 souls each, or go to 2-2 with a bow and the thief's ring and farm the gecko pit.
  12. Yeah, crescent stuff regenerates MP and blessed stuff regenerates HP, its awesome. The Meat cleaver is painfully easy to make, ya know, once you can actually kill flamelurker, lol, you feel like Pyramid Head with it. Make sure you rescue Graverobber Blige too, he sells the cheapest arrows in the game and also the best that you can actually buy if you don't consider white arrows.
  13. I havn't hit the max level yet, but if you need a few pointers I can help you out. Plan out your characters stats as to what you wanna do, because when you get invaded or invade and play with blue phantoms, they need to be within 10 levels of you to play, although it ramps up as you get higher, 25 levels when your around 100, etc. After beating 1-1, if your looking for a solid weapon right off, there is a crescent falchion +1 in 4-1 on a cliff guarded by a black skeleton. You can also trade items to the crow alittle futher in for rings, souls and arrows. Finally if you can get scurry past th
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