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  1. Great mix. Nothing else can really be said. It's just an overall well done mix, not polished too much, but it still shines. EDIT: Just downloaded the Instrumental verion, and only one tought popped into my head: Karaoke anyone?
  2. Whoa... this is one amazing remix. The one part that even comes within 100 miles of being bad is the chord at 00:21. Just a strange choice, but the rest of the song is amazingly high caliber. Good job!
  3. Whoa... I love how it builds in the beginning. 30 seconds into the song, I decided I loved it. Great work! PS: Somehow reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean...
  4. All I can say is: whoa. This is an amazing piece. The guitar is a nice touch. The whole remix is a nice, slow pace, but still mysterious, making it sound like it would fit perfectly with a flashback or a major turning point. The Kiari Theme you stuck in there blends in perfectly with the theme of the song. To restate what I just said: Awesome job. Sounds good. Any chance we might get some more of this caliber?
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