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  1. That's a good point. I remember fooling around with an organ bass a while back, but I don't really hear it anymore, and it does sound a little empty on the low end, so I'll go back in and see if I can't tastefully balance out the sound.
  2. Haha, my technology is horrid. I'm using just a Roland keyboard that can record about sixteen tracks played from whatever patches it has, and then I feed that through a sound card into my computer. There isn't a lot of capability on that to do much sound work. But I'll see what can be tweaked--I'm sure there's some software out there that can manage the stuff once it's on a PC.
  3. I've got two versions of this to post at the moment--they both have different things going on with balance, but I've heard this so many times that I'm used to it and I'm not really sure what sounds better or worse anymore, so I need some other ears. It's split into halves, with the first focusing on the Options Menu music and the second on Krazoa Palace. Here's the source material, if you aren't familiar with them: Options Menu Krazoa Palace The theme that comes in at around 0:17 isn't from the games, and initially is meant to be pretty quiet--it's meant more for foreshadowing than to overpower anything else. I might pan it out to the sides to make that more clear, but it reproduces itself at the end of the tune to tie things together, along with some of the other themes from the Options Menu. In any case, there seems to me to be a little too much stuff going on in the first half, but I've got no head to decide what should be taken out. Okay, the mix: Version One (Probably a little better) Version Two (Probably a little worse) Any tips?
  4. Alright, take two. Not a huge change--a few of the solo lines were altered. The main difference is an adjustment in balance and the like.
  5. Yeah, it's pretty heavily improvised in a lot of sections. Hopefully it doesn't exceed the submission guidelines to have only a shadow of the theme in the majority of the piece. I'll tweak some things to make it a little more organic and then bring a new version up here--thanks guys!
  6. Hey, all. This is a very baseline mix of the Pirahna Plant's lullaby from Super Mario 64. It felt like it could use a little bit of soul to it, the way that it plays, though that's hard to do without a powerful choir and a live recording, so I'll make do with this for arrangement purpose for now. The issues I'm aware of are primarily with balance, and a couple of the sections meant to be soloistic sound a little robotic, in my opinion. Let me know what else can be done, though. Check it here.
  7. Mmm, the bass deal is a good point, as well as the general fill in. I'll try and thicken the sound some, or at least at some lower harmonies and such. The whole thing is a little tinny. Haha, the synthy guitar is apparently supposed to be a nylon stringed harp, according to the sample name. That's probably way it sounds like garbage. I'll probably be cutting the section with the timpani, though, just because the two parts of the song are almost completely disconnected the way that it is, and considering they use different themes and meters as well, I might just split the two into two separate songs. Maybe. So hopefully that problem will be solved in the best way possible.
  8. Yeah, I've been trying to toy around with the second segment more, but it really just isn't working at all. It's way too disjoint from the first part, and it's not really that creative at all. It actually sounds pretty terrible. I'll try and work with spicing up the source material instead of adding a new theme, so maybe I can actually be a little original, haha. Though actually, I wanted that guitarry thing to sound the way that it did--it's supposed to be a little synthy-ish. I don't know why, but I liked the sound. Still, if it comes off like little more than a bad sample, I probably ought to switch it out for something else. I think I have some realistic guitar samples lying around too that I can use.
  9. Oh, bollocks, I forgot to post the source material, eh? Well, here they are, anyways. Options Menu Main Theme (It's just the first third. I think this is actually the credits music, so there are a couple of unrelated tracks laid back to back)
  10. So, okay. This little guy is kind of a two-part mix, mostly because the first part wasn't really long enough, although I'd be willing to cut the second part, since it's clearly not as clean. The first part is of the options menu music in Star Fox Adventures. I don't really know of a lot of games that have different music just for pressing Start, but it's probably the catchiest pause music I've heard. I don't know what genre this should be placed in, but whatever. For the most part this section of the song is fairly solid, but any feedback or suggestions or criticisms or anything would be awesome. And the second part is of Fox's theme, although the guitar that's playing the melody sounds kind of awful, and I'm not really sure what to change it to. I'll probably quiet it some, but if I loosen the distortion at all it starts to sound extremely fake, and most other instruments I can think of offhand aren't intense enough. Tips? Oh, and here's the mp3: Linkity-split.
  11. Score. Good call. Well, consider this mix amended to "Kirby Superstar Save Hut and Chrono Trigger mash-up."
  12. The All-Star theme? Really? Do you know the name of the original track so I can find it?
  13. This is kind of a mash-up of the intro music to Super Smash Bros. Melee's All-Star Mode and the theme from Chrono Trigger, although the latter isn't really that pronounced; it just kind of happens to be there. The recording quality is still kind of poor, since this is a rough draft, and as a result the balance seems a lot worse than it is. I'm thinking the piano work at the end follows the theme a little vaguely, but if you listen, it's there. Anyways, enough rambling. Here's the link:
  14. Fair enough. It's really only remotely bouncy for the first few bars and then falls back into being kind of straightforward. It wasn't originally Katamari at all--I kind of tossed in there. Anyways, I'll see what can be done.
  15. So, I found this wierd, bubbly percussion thing I was piddling around with a couple of years ago, and I didn't really know what to do with it, so I did something with it, and this is what happened. It's definitely still a WIP, since the recording quality is awful, the length is tinny, the variety is lackluster, and I'm basically out of ideas. Any tips and tricks for the moment? Linkage:
  16. [disclaimer]Regardless of my not-even-close-to-perfect in most forms of artistic creation, I tend to be overly critical and analytical about all forms of art, merely because I personally prefer constructive criticism to compliment. If anything below sounds like an insult, apologies in advance.[/disclaimer] By far one of my favorite works by you. Having puns in remixes is always fun, but having a pun that actually DOES describe the song, rather some mere alliteration or rhyme that doesn't match the style at all, is especially interesting. The mood of the song and chord progressions are so very different from the original, but that's what makes a good remix so much better, in my opinion--originality. The mixture of electronica and natural sound samples (which are all of very good quality in this) was cleverly done. One of the best I saw was combining the natural flute-like instrument with the electronica, airy-feeling instrument, playing the same melody in unison (Holy Voice, or something?). Kind of like two brothers that are nothing alike coming together. Okay, that was cheesy. But really, everything blended and meshed together quite nicely, and the rhythmic figures didn't get tired. The early introduction of the fuzzy electronica along with the entrance of the "Canon" theme on the cello was a well done necessity. Kind of more of an easy-in than a break-in, and bringing in the light percussion pattern that early was nice, too. More on the originality, the change in time signature of "Zelda's Lullaby" was quite well done. Nifty, even. It matched a Canon pattern through, yet didn't get repetative, as sad arrangements on Pachelbel's sometimes do. The nylon guitar interlude was unexpected, but pleasant. Triplets inserted into a style with figures like these are almost unheard of, and yet it was so...fitting, here. Man, I need to expand my vocabulary. I definetly liked the chord structures. It completely deviated from the original in terms of theory, yet with mood, remained a rhythmic solemn, which is difficult to do when taking a lullaby and synthesizing it. Dandy fine.
  17. [disclaimer]Regardless of my not-even-close-to-perfect in most forms of artistic creation, I tend to be overly critical and analytical about all forms of art, merely because I personally prefer constructive criticism to compliment. If anything below sounds like an insult, apologies in advance.[/disclaimer] Pretty awesome. I always found the tune at the fair catchy in the game. Light, playful, and just perfectly fit both the atmosphere and time period the festival was taking place in. Any version of this appeals to me. More specifically to your remix, I really liked the way the sounds of the guitar and flute mixed together as they worked together, both in unison and in harmony. It's always pleasant when someone combines the sounds of two very different instruments into something that just works. The dynamic contrast was also great, especially around the large "break" before the last reprise of the theme. It was a nice shift when the percussion cut out, leaving a calm, less rhythmic, waltzy-type section. A lot of the little counterpoint stuff going on was quite intriguing as well--the accordian was especially noticable when the melody cut out for one phrase, which stayed in the background since it blended so well with the melody. The echo variation where you followed a flute riff with a nearly identical guitar riff was pretty clever, as well. The melody itself also appeared meticulously variated. Lovin' the rhythmic figures in that, especially the second part of it. More about the percussion though--and this is probably just attributed to the samples used, and sort of just a personal thing--somehow, the snare drum didn't quite work for me. I think it kind of felt a little more like a sailor's march--green was made bluer, Ireland to Scotland, and all that. Not a huge different, but somehow felt a little to hard to me. Perhaps a tap on the side of the snare with the stick as opposed to a snare-on hit? Not in all sections, though. At the end, right after the break, that snare was perfect. Maybe it's just the repeating nature of it. Also, in the soft, percussion-less section, somehow my mind was serching for a straight 3/4 waltz, as opposed to the 3/4--6/8 feel the rest of the song. It was almost there, save the little tinny cymbal. VERY nice, though. Sorry if I wasn't much help so much as a hindrance, since it's hard to be specific without audio in front.