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  1. Is that the sound of the revival of an awesome tune?! Hell ya!! Zircon does it again, this time with range of a synth symphony and killer beats. Those beatdrops and guitar just hit it again and again! I love the transition pass of the melody at 2:09, passing between the guitar and that neo-flute. Awesome work,
  2. Very Skillful arrangement throughout this piece. The intro does well in grabbing my attention. Many variation on the same meldoy can be heard, each distictive from others. 1:56 The melody seems to be at this point, seems to be cut to a shorter version and rotating. Sort of like recollecting on the many memories lost, and then to clearly remember a certain memory. Very interesting take. One minor thing was the long silence at the end of the song. Wonderfully done.
  3. I'm really digging this piece. There's plenty of variation on the theme and wow, does it transition well. Definitely fitting to that "Cafe Feel". I really admire the ambient quality of the strings, and the very snazzy guitar. The piano choice is very crisp and the whole theme is just very "smooth". It reminded me of Music from the Sims. It must be tough for a piece like this to further expand due to the song's style. But for what this song aimed at, it fit the pocket.
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