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  1. I recently had to change my OS for reasons that may have something to do with this or may not. I changed from Windows Home to Media Center 2003 because all movie files would freeze and crash explorer. Anyway problem at hand, I am having trouble running any type of flash movie or game, they freeze and have no sound. Now I have everything updated and the problem applies to both IE and Firefox. I have no idea how to fix it. Everywhere I looked said use Firefox instead of IE or they were Linux OS'. And if use a stand alone player it still happen, but I did notice that FPS starts normally and drops
  2. Looking for a forum that has people who make custom gifs upon request. I am not that good at making gifs otherwise I would try myself.
  3. For all the tony hawk fans out there, in project 8 you unlock videos, what I am looking for is the backround track to the Rank #120 Almost sponsorship video. Name and artist preferrably. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the attempt but thats Cloud, he is male! Maybe so, but it's still a pretty nice sig. No disputing that, it is just not what I was after, no offence was intended.
  5. Looking for someone to make a sig with the main female characters form Advent Children. Please make it dark and also have "Akira" written some where. http://tn3-1.deviantart.com/fs10/300W/i/2006/130/0/2/FFVII__AC_Desktop___Tifa_by_Archinos.jpg http://www.zellfantasy.it/ff7_compilation/cine/cloud_tifa.jpg http://i.cool.ne.jp/shinobu10317/%5BHKG%5D%5BFINAL_FANTASY_VII_ADVENT_CHILDREN%5D%5BXVID%5D%5BBIG5%5D(129270).jpg http://img385.imageshack.us/img385/2833/aeris8gl.jpg http://img139.imageshack.us/img139/108/yuffie6fi.jpg Here are some examples of the chars wanted in the sig.
  6. Okay, done! http://www.kingdomfantasy.com/image/drive/wisdom.jpg http://khearts.27names.org/kairi/images/ending7.jpg http://www.superhappyfuntimestore.com/images/khGuy.jpg And PS please remix my current sig somebody:- - Dark - Tifa, Yuffie and Aeris from Advent Children
  7. KH + Dark mean Heartless: They could be included but not soley heartless, the three main chars are ideally what i would like eg. Riku, Kairi and Sora. I like the attempt but not exactly what I had in mind, Sorry And if someone is going to do a remix of my sig it would only have to include Tifa and Yuffie from Advent Children.
  8. Hey all looking for a new sig and would like something specific. 1. Would like to be very dark themed. 2. Have the word Akira in it. 3. Have pictures of Kingdom Hearts characters or one with pictures of Rosa Zexy and Reon Kadena.(Still dark themed) All help will be much appreciated. PS And Could I also get a darker remix of my current sig.
  9. Thanks to both Doulifée and Bummerdude for the help. They are exactly what I wanted.
  10. Hey all getting tired of my sig and would like to get three made. What I would like in it:- - The word Akira. - A pic of Link. (Twilight Princess) - A pic of Zelda. - And a dark theme to it. And alternatly I would like one with:- - The word Akira - The main Chrono Trigger Characters - A dark theme And Finally the big one:- - The words Forever Young - FMV Pics of all female Characters from Final fantasy 8 eg. Rinoa, Selphie and Quistis - Pics of each female character from FFVII: Advent children eg. Tifa, Aeris and Yuffie - FMV Pics of all female Characters from Final fantasy X eg. Yuna, Lulu
  11. Hey Im looking for someone to make me a sig please. I would like:- - My name Akira - Some pics of Deunan and Hitomi from Appleseed - Counter strike Source symbol - Dark gothic background I have some pictures if you need them or you can use your discretion. Thanks.
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