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  1. i dont hate the older ff games but it is harder for me to like them. been playing ff1 on my vita (from ff origins) and its pretty hard but i am enjoying it. didnt enjoy the nes rom, though. felt like the same difficulty but the origins version has way better graphics and music.

    ff2 i havent gotten to yet.

    i played ff3 for a bit on ds, which i assume is the same version i now have in my vita, and it was pretty fun but obviously not the original version. i prefer updated remakes anyway.

    i played ff4 on vita for about 30 minutes and it was okay, i guess. i will give it another go eventually, but i dont enjoy it (or any older ff game) as much as i enjoy dragon quest games.

    ff5, i think i remember playing a rom of it when i was in high school. i had a member in my party that had some kind of sea dragon? i got as far as the dragon dying or somewhere around there. it was ok.

    ff6 i actually JUST started on my vita and it seems promising, but we'll see.

    ff7 i never played but i remember watching my friend playing it when it came out way back when. even then i remember asking him why the sound effects sounded so dated. anyway, i know everyone loves ff7 but i'll never touch it unless there's some kind of awesome remake.

    i know nothing about ff8 or ff9.

    ff10 i did own on ps2 and remember enjoying it for the most part except for some really strange voice acting moments. i got as far as uhhh...well, i had to climb this snow mountain or something and fight a boss at the top. lost the boss fight and was kicked all the way down to the bottom of the mountain. f that. never played it again. but i probably will get the hd remake for vita.

    ff10-2 i didnt play but i watched a friend play it and it looked pretty enjoyable. will be getting that hd remake as well.

    ff11 i loooooved playing. so much. and i really miss it. i started playing when it was released and played for maybe 5 or 6 years then decided to quit. obviously i kept going back after new expansions and whatnot, but it was never really the same. it got too easy, especially now, and most of the great people i met early on were gone by now.

    ff12 i never tried and dont know much about it.

    ff13 i really loved. battle system was pretty cool and i really liked the music. big giant bosses, incredible cutscenes, a guy with a fro that houses a chocobo good.

    ff13-2, same thing. loved it. especially going through time and changing things. definitely going to get the new lightning game.

    ff14, well...let's hope the new version is good.