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  1. Just wanted to add a "me too" to asking for the tracks to be fixed. I had a quick try, and it doesn't seem possible to me given the broken mp3s which are available.. is there any way anyone could get some original tracks? I'd be happy to do it myself, but seeing as no-one knows me around here I wouldn't expect to be given access to the raw tracks.
  2. About a year ago I downloaded all of ocremix at that time, and chucked it into my iTunes playlisting. When I first saw that someone had decided to remix Rainbow Road (which I should point is probably my favourite non-remixed game tune, so I might be bias), I decided I'd take a listen, and at first was very unimpressed. However this tune has grow on me over time, and I feel stands head-and-shoulders above anything else (not being insulting to the other remixes). It dares to combine a number of styles, and do things which are unexpected and unusual. Truely a great remix of a great song
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