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  1. in the re-remix the low string instrument ( chello, stand up bass, whatever ) has got it right, and it does a lot to help, but the guitar is still true to your original. I just think it would sound better with the third is all. its dischordant because the 3rd and the 7th are a melodic 4th apart. thats the annoying interval that ambulances sirens sound off on. So while every other note in the song is playing to harmonize a 3rd root chord, you change the root to the 7th. its hard to tell because the octaves are different, but its like having an ambulance in the middle of your song.
  2. I agree it is a beautiful mix, but there is one glaring error that drove me mad and led me to deleting the song from my computer. In the guitar chord progression, the third arpeggio's bottom note is completly wrong and sounds horrible. The proper progression is Root, down to the 6th, up to the 3rd, and then down to the 7th. this remixer omits the 3rd and instead, hits the 7th for two measures, which obviously clashes with the rest of the notes which he has put in flawlesly. I highly doubt this was intentional, as, to me, it sounds really bad. I'm stunned that no one has pointed this out before me. Does anyone on this forum actualy listen to the originals? dont get me wrong, I love the song, and think it would be outstanding if that one small error were corrected. I suggest a re-remix.
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