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  1. I'm gonna take 4th if it kills my CPU... well maybe not kill it, but run it nonstop.
  2. My power went out for about 10 hours after a storm last night, so I lost some folding time. I'm on a 20,000 frame WU (p2107) and it still has a while to go.
  3. My desktop just started Project 2106. It says it'll be done January 18th 2011... I really need to switch from the graphical client, but I'm lazy.
  4. I still need to put F@H on our other two computers, but I need a modem or network card for one, and everyone bitches about how the other one is "so slow" but yet they won't let me upgrade it from Windows ME. But I will have it on them before long.
  5. I'm still trying to get family/friends to start this and use my account so we can get the extra WUs, but most of them don't want to, thinking it will slow down there computer, or haven't thought about it yet. The network I had mentioned in an earlier post is a no go, the guy thinks it will bog down the network, but said he will think about putting it on his personal computers.
  6. I'm thinking of putting F@H on my mom's computer, but she already has too much on there running in the background, so it might be after I clean out what isn't needed. I've also talked to a few friends and they might be joining in too. One of which works in the IT department for a local business, and may add 12 computers to our group.
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