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  1. Okay so here it is, i've been reading forums a lot and its time for me to finally post on one. I've seen some of the slandering that new guys get, but i've mentaly prepped for it, so do your worst. And yes i realize that my username has the absolute maximum level of nerdiness with it, but hey this is a website with a bunch of remixes of songs from videogames on it, so i can't be too out of place can I? Anyhoo, this is a badass project! The entire thing seems very professional, with the well done songs and the fancy cover art and stuff. I like the fact that there is an intro and an interlude too, it really makes the cd feel ginuine. This project has the kind of quality that you would expect out of something being sold in a cd store ya know? And do y'all remember (this was a loooong time ago) when that doom midi was floatin around on the internet, i mean i'm sure its still out there but i found this when i was still a kid and i thought it was the coolest thing ever. It was a midi of E1M1 that used an electric guitar synth sound, and ever since i heard it I always wanted to hear one with a real guitar in it, and my wish has been granted (that is a real guitar in Hangermageddon right? well even if it isnt it still sounds damn good) so that was it, my first post on my first forum ever. Those of y'all who are reading this should feel priviledged to be witnessing such an epic event (joke)