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  1. I'm logging in to express interest in this!
  2. Thanks, Proph! Yeah, I've been keeping myself busy recently.
  3. Hey OCR! I'm back with another mixtape for ya! Once again, I've checked the roolz to make sure I can post this here and I think I'm in the clear...Lemme know if I'm not! To celebrate Halloween and all its twisted insanity, I've just polished up and released my newest CD - AMADEUS RORSCHACH. It's available for your streaming and downloading pleasure here: NAVI - AMADEUS RORSCHACH I'd love to know what you think of it! Please share if you care! Thanks! I now open the floor for questions, comments or snide remarks... Navid
  4. Oh, hey. Look at that! The samples were created for the mix, then run through some processing, chopped up, resampled and played out. So essentially, the original versions of all the loops I made (which sound a LOT more like the source material) were then remixed to give it that old school hip hop feel. And yes, I made this mix from scratch with the intention of it being a Parappa mix, not just throwing the label on a generic song I created. Hopefully, that'll answer some questions? Glad you all enjoyed this! It's good to have a new mix back up on the site where I learned how to make music
  5. (Once again, using my alloted monthly site remixer music post) Hullo OCR! How've you been? Long time no see. Nine months after the release of my debut album GRAYSCALE, I present to you - fresh off the presses - my second digital mixtape Lo Fi Muey Thai! Never one to stick to a defined style, I’ve begun branching out into new sounds and textures, expanding the limits of what I consider hip hop. Fear not! You will still find my traditional lyrical repertoire intact and the beats, as always, are home-brewed to the finest levels of quality. Be prepared, however, to hear strains of dance and
  6. As much as I love this show, the amount of slow motion, emotion milking shots in the premiere was almost too much to handle. That much being said, I didn't notice that Sun and Jin were not married...that was underplayed as all hell. Good ear, GT!
  7. Submitted to OCR as well. Hopefully it'll meet arrangement standards (it uses pieces of chop chop, cake, and toilet). If not, however, here's the track. You like rap? I made this in that old school RZA/Wu Tang style. you might like this. http://www.swamisound.com/navi-parapparemix.mp3 lyrics and shit at a young age cooking with kerosene pan fried apple green, recipes in magazines top chef, before home ec developed his own tech to keep the dough fresh and keep the flow wet, keep the stove running deliver hot wraps, had to preheat the oven word got around, other chefs were summoned,
  8. I fail to make the connection
  9. Can't disagree with you there. As far as mashups go, there's nothing too imaginative done with these ones, save for the (personal) glee I got upon hearing Ante Up on top of the battle theme. I've been listening to the Beatles vs Wu Tang mash up CD (I know, beatles mashups are played out) and if you want a better example of a GOOD mashup CD, I would recommend that one. http://www.teasearecords.net/wuvsbeatles.cfm
  10. Ante Up, Air, Royal Flush and Save Me, Dear are tight. The rest of the album is pretty cool (except for Spacious Thoughts :/). I gotta check out this Ocarina of Rhyme now...
  11. Staying in Silver Spring for a while until I can move into the city. I'll go through the motions to put monsoon season up there!
  12. Alright, I don't claim to be any sort of expert on dubstep (although it is a style of music that I do enjoy) but I'll try my hand at some constructive criticism here. Production I like that billowing bass you use. Definitely heard that used in dubstep tracks before. The 'booting up' sequence at the beginning works for the most part although it seems a bit...sparse? For that matter, the entire A section of this track seems lacking. From what I've heard of dubstep, there's a lot of attention to atmosphere and your A section seems to be a bit too dry to really set the dark mood associated with
  13. glad to see you still host every single PRC entry :P!

  14. glad to see you're still alive :D

  15. Danny, clean out your PM box! How you been, man? You still around College Park? Just out of curiosity, is the site mostly dance music or could I submit some straight forward hip hop tracks in the near future?
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