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  1. Well, I created this account just to let you guys know what I think about your project. I've been listening to songs for OCRemix for a while now, but never cared much about posting in the forums. This is definitely a good reason. The Dark Side of Phobos overall is fantastic. I can't say I loved every track, but I'm certain that's a personal thing and not an issue of quality. All of TO's work was amazing as usual, but some other tracks that I really liked were Hangarmageddon, Industrial Strength, The Leaning Tower of Babel, and The Dark Side of Phobos. I think the only songs that didn't really work for me were Aria of the Damned and Darkness Dawning. I guess I just don't like vocals in Doom. I'm sorry to hear all the fuss over at DoomWorld especially since that's were I'm from, but I was a bit disappointed that some of you felt the need to go over there and defend yourselves. If they don't like your music, to each his own. They were rather rude about it, but just leave it be. In the end, I guess I want to let everyone involved know what this project means to me, having been a Doomer since '93. I've been following the project for months and I'm really happy the way it turned out.
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