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  1. To post my stuff in the right section: I hated this . Most of these are basically goth metal remixes, which stinks because Doom (if you ask me) never was scary and never will. Doom is more action than horror, no matter what new versions that are completely different come out. The ones that aren't goth metal are frustrating electronica that sounds nothing like the original version. I understand that remixes are supposed to be different but really, when you can't even tell a song is from the game, you've failed. Heck, the E2M2 remix sounded more like a song from Metroid Prime. The only remixes I liked at all were the E3M3 one and the E2M8 one. The rest were either very mediocre or horribly confused as to what game this was. You lose, authors of The Dark Side of Phobos. And for some additional comments based on the 4 words I've seen skimming over this: I'm a fan of Doom, but I thought this remix did no justice whatsoever. Sorry if this sounds trollish but I just felt you needed to know that this wasn't a step in the right direction. Also you guys put a year of effort into this? 0_o.