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  1. I didnt know there were more than 2 e skill's...
  2. Which reminds me: Godo. What a dirty Fucker. If you fight him when you're supposed to, anyways.(disk 1)
  3. My friend was raving about him a while back. I honestly never got past the guy you fight after Johnny th sharky-pirate dude.
  4. Oh man. He was..Oh Man! And that guy you fought at the bottom of Cross-bone Isle on the First one, DAMN! And these games hold the honor of being damn near the only games ive played with difficult final bosses. Man, EVERY BOSS in FF4 was Hard! You dont wanna know how long it took me to beat odin.
  5. Hmmm...This'll take some thinking.... Actraiser had some pretty wicked bosses... Then again...there is that 2 screen tall Triceratops Guy you fight in the Reverse mines in SotN..... Ridley was Really hard in Super Metroid, That brings up Omega Pirate in Metroid Prime( I was fighting him for 3 hours over Many, Many Attempts my 1st time)... And then in ZoE2 when you fight Jehuty inside the Compressed Space....God....Took Me Months! (literally!) But Truly...Nothing Can compare to the Final form of the Last boss in Panzer Dragoon Orta. I mean, Practically the only attack he uses is the Big Gren Lasery Move(sorry, I dont know a better name...) And since him doing that means he is Completely concealed...He is all but Invincible...
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