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  1. Back on topic though, I never did beat King boo on Luigi's mansion, that is, until I got a gameshark. Just when you think you can sit back on this easy game, Boo. Get assraped by bowser.
  2. Man, Thardus was easy not matter what. the first Metroid prime didnt get diffiuclt til the Phazon Mines. That Damn Omega Pirate. I was fighting him for 3 hours!!! And dont get me started on Meta Ridley. And on the note of MP, one fight in #2 that was far too easy was Quadraxis. You're fighting some bigass mech, It should be a Gunfight, not bombing strategic places.
  3. Loved thatMxC game tho9ugh. Never have been able to find it.
  4. I dont remember, I just remember he looked like a sentinel And yes, it is.
  5. I dont remember which, But I was playing some MarvelxCapcom game on the dreamcast, Damn that Last Boss! And the King of cheap is either Heavyarms or Epyon on Gundam WingEndless Duel, which is probably th best gundam game made.
  6. No. Bad. Bad. We do that Outside! Seriously, You took an awesome Song, and raped it. Were it a technoy song to start, It might be cool, but this, No. If you want a good mix of Still More Fighting, Just get Fight on.
  7. This. Is. Awesome. WhileI do like the original better, This is still fuggin Pwnsome.
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