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  1. The remix from this artist starts innocently enough, a few innocent chimes from glockenspiels and pianos setting the scene, giving the listener, a faintest clue of what is to come, the cymbal and synth swooshes offering a more serious idea of what is in the way, with increasingly strong synths emphasising the point that this remix is nothing normal. The creepy synths take their cue from the drum samples, sounding decidedly "fifth element", in only the best fashion possible, in only the way that cheap artificial life can exist, in only the way that such life is reflected... The local synths take over the track and tear through the music, swearing priority over all except a persistant bassline, while the synths dance their way. .....the synths and drums pick up at this point, while the accomponiment helps set the urgency for the scene, going through bar after bar, each instrument added confirming that nothing is as it seems, the intensity builds and builds... The pace picks up, further and further, faster and faster, various synths taking over, overriding the track, each adding their own distinct pattern to the mix, each remeniscent of the very esscence of DOOM, until a moment of total silence in which the listener barely has time to think before the pure evil of the piece takes over - the listener is subjected to the last few chords and melodies of the piece, the last few loose ends, before being treated to a terminal piano piece that assures the listener that the affairs of Hell are far from concluded.
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